Australian Drama/Indigenous Perspectives Mansfield State High School, 10 E Assignment

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The play “My Name Is Jimi” written by Jimi Bani, displays the Torres Strait Islander culture in a comedic way. The dramatic meaning that is created through the manipulation of the importance of culture is delivered through elements of dramatic focus, symbolism and mood. The production incorporates the traditional elements of drama in such a way to show what it means to be part of the aboriginal culture. Features such as traditional dances, telling dreamtime stories and the use of the lit up fire, help to show the true meaning of why this tradition should be carried on and is the main idea throughout the whole play of keeping the culture alive.
The dramatic focus of the play was how culture played such a big role in so many people’s lives. Without culture still being around the islanders spirt would slowing fade away, their originality and uniqueness would be forgotten. The modern times would take over such as jerseys, technology and disrespect for elderly people has influenced teenagers to completely disregard their true culture and who they are. This was emphasised throughout the play when the teenager’s father would keep on reminding him of the importance of culture and tradition. The lighting contributed into focusing on the main content of the play, the rest of the room was darkened whilst a spotlight was used to draw focus to the dancers and the other actors on stage left. The use of the fire was also used to create a sense of past when Jimi Bani was reading his son a dreamtime story.
The fire was the main use of symbolism which was a motif used throughout the play, representing the history and past of all Aborigines. This motif was cleverly incorporated into the storyline to make clear that with this fire still bright and burning the history is passed down the generations to resect and appreciate the culture. However, with the modern generations taking over the initial way the country has been brought up. This idea of everybody being themselves and expressing who they are through their culture such as dances, dreamtime stories and cultural clothing, will no longer be passed on and generations to come will forget all about their ancestors and who they are supposed to be. The play clearly demonstrated the fire going out as the teenager decided to completely ignore what his father...

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