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Australian Immigration: Is Immigration Good Or Bad?

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Is immigration good or bad? Immigration is very beneficial to the Australian economy in many ways. Although immigration has its advantages, it also has disadvantages. Immigration is good for our economy because of the Cultural Diversity and the trading Links, they also bring special traits that employers look for in a quality worker, and Immigrants increase Australia’s population and this means more goods and services are produced to suit the growing population. Immigration can also Increase our unemployment rate by thousands.
Australia’s cultural diversity has a large range of different Ethnic groups which opens more of an opportunity in regards to trade, education and investment. Unlike many other countries, Australia has a no discrimination policy against different religions. As we have many different ethnic groups some Immigrants from specific areas of the world can bring investments and ...view middle of the document...

Immigration in Australia is increasing our unemployment rate by thousands. When immigrants migrate to Australia they usually get put into an immigration program, through this program the immigrants become a lot more successful in trying to find a job with the help of others then they would if they were searching for a job on their own. In 1995 over three quarters of job seekers in Australia were Australian born though in 2012 it was reported that Australian born job seekers were becoming more unsuccessful with job hunting and over 38,000 Australians had lost their jobs whilst migrants claimed over 81,000 jobs in Australia over the past year, this rate is still continuing to grow over the years and it will keep continuing until it gets to the point when there are no Australian born employees working in our country.
Immigration can both affect and help our countries economy at the same time. The more immigrants that migrate to Australia, the bigger the population gets, the higher the demand for goods and services becomes to suit the expanded population. Immigrants affect the demand side of things by limiting affordable housing for Australian citizens. With the population getting bigger, more food needs to be produced and more houses need to be built to accommodate everyone. When immigrants come to Australia they help our economy by working for our country and by investing their money. Immigration is increasing Australia’s population by thousands though it isn’t a bad thing.

Immigration is beneficial to Australia’s economy because with immigrants coming from all over the world, it increases the cultural diversity of our country. Immigrants coming to Australia is a good thing, because as the population grows, so does the production of goods and services. Unfortunately though, when immigrants come to Australia the Australian born employment rate decreases while the overseas born employment rate increases. There are both disadvantages and advantages to the Australian economy through immigration.

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