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"Australian Plays Explore The Different Ways People Cope When Things Change Or Go Wrong"

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Throughout history Australian plays have explored change, whether it be socially or politically driven and then, how they cope with the change or wrong doing. In the late 1960’s there was a revolutionary change in Australian theatre, though in the late 50’s it had become clear that a change was needed as Australians wanted to see ‘ordinary Australians, themselves, onstage’ and prior to this most plays were British or American. Debra Oswald’s play, Gary’s house explores how people in the ‘battling underclass’ kept leaving each other as their relationships with each other broke apart, also the isolation of lower socio economic people, and then how hardships cause people to come together in the end to cope with change or when something has gone wrong. Ray Lawler’s play Summer of the seventeenth doll which was written in the midst of cultural resurgence in Australia, the play explores the ageing and time, stereotypes and ideals, dreams vs. reality.Debra Oswald, examines relationships and how people struggle as they try to build lives for themselves. The underclass in the play are represented by Oswald to be determined and to be able to cope with, and deal with changes or problems that they are faced with, hence the characters being able to develop and ‘ battle on ‘. Gary’s house reflects the characters determination through a number of forms and features of the text, including the plot, stage directions and dialogue.The plot, in Gary’s house places the characters on an isolated block of land in the bush, where Gary is building for the first time ever, a house which he can live in and that will be his house, as Gary builds the house onstage, it becomes a metaphor for Gary, making something out of life, against the odds; the house could also be a symbol of Gary’s ‘Aussie Battler’ spirit or his sheer determination.In the plot Gary is viewed by the audience as a character who struggles to cope with the pressures put on him by Sue Anne and Christine and to some extent Dave. The way that Gary copes with the struggles he’s faced with is by continually building the house, it is in some ways his escape route from all that is going wrong in his life. In a class workshop in an effort to represent Gary’s determination a student hammered the house harder and constantly. In Act 1 scene six it is clear that Gary is determined to build the house, in the stage directions Oswald wrote ‘Gary pointedly concentrates on work’ and then later on in the scene, again in the stage directions Oswald wrote, ‘Gary reluctantly downs tools’. The fact that Gary is reluctant to down his tools implies his determination to keep working but also, when he stops work it is usually when he is having an argument with Sue Anne, or someone else.Although Gary’s way of coping is through building the house, not all of the other character’s in the play are the same, as they all...

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