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HASS Essay – Peacekeeping Operations in Australia
The United Nations have been running peace keeping operations since 1948 and Australia has been a part of these operations since the very beginning showing how Australia has been one of the lead contributors to these missions. Peace keeping is the active maintenance of a truce between two nations which is often distributed through an international military force which is usually the United Nations. There is no doubt that Australia contributes to the acts of peace keeping from the United Nations but how much does Australia contribute and in what ways do they do this.
Australia have been involved in peace keeping missions for nearly 70 years. Australia is also the 11th largest financial contributor to the UN peace keeping budget out of 193 countries. Australia is also the 8th largest donor to the UN peacekeeping fund and have provided military and police to the United Nations for the past 50 years. They are also the leading advocate in a program run by the United Nations called Responsibility to Protect. The Responsibility to Protect program was instituted in 2005 to prevent genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes about humanity. They also help countries with employment problems which can be vital for the growth or survival of a country. Australia has contributed over 30000 peace keepers from all different professions such as doctors, engineers, diplomats and military service men and women. When the United Nations first began doing these operations, Australia was one of the first to send support which started off as little as just 4 officers sent to Indonesia but over the last 60 years, the support from Australia has increased to 30000 personnel. This shows how Australia is a lead contributor in the United Nations peace keeping missions.
The role of a peace keeper is to develop and maintain peaceful interactions between social, ethnic or political groups. Since 1948, Australia has been a part of over 100 small and large-scale peace keeping missions in countries such as Solomon Islands, Papa New Guinea, Zimbabwe and many more. Australia’s peace...

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