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Australian Vietnam War. A Story About An Asian Fighting In The Vietnam War For Australia. The Struggles And Hardships Encountered. Accurate Information About Vietnam War.

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1. Australian Vietnam WarName: Hong Tianyu VeeraBirth: 1926Age (In War): 22Location: Sydney, AustraliaMarital status: MarriedEmployment: RetiredUnit served in: RAR5 (Conscripted)Time served: 1 year 5 months (Due To Injury)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You'd think it would be strange for a person with an asian background to be fighting for Australia. I always wanted to fit in with the Australians. Coming here on a boat was hard enough, but trying to fit in with the white community was the hardest. During my teenage years, I experienced hardships. This was because of my bad english and the way I looked. It was when i was 22 when people were looking for soldiers to fight in the war. This was my chance to be one of them, my chance to become more settled in the community. Although I thought it was a good idea at the time, it was the worst decision of my life...Eversince the war I've changed a great deal. I doubt that anyone cares cause I was critised for participating in this war. Haven't seen many people eversince the war. Sometimes I miss the words of the soldiers I fought beside. "Hey you! The one who should be fighting on the other side!", "Hulk!" and "Dim Simmy!"...those words always resound in my head.I was a conscripted private in the C Company of RAR5, I was only 22 at the time. My company was posted in a little village in the Phuoc Tuy province. Our mission, was to protect the village and the people living there. This involved defending them against Vietcong raids, providing food and health support, and "Winning the hearts and minds of the people". Even though we were assigned with this, I couldn't understand half the things in which I was assigned to do. Embarrassing, but I eventually did what I was assigned to do.The villagers had thought of us as thieves and evil people. They would often spit on the ground of where we stood or said strange things to us. Maybe they thought we were here to take something. But maybe if they knew what we were doing, they might have stood a chance...17 march 1959, was one of the worst days ever. Night was like a nightmare, always waiting, preparing for battle. My tent mate "Ivan" was guarding the area, picking his nails with his machete. He was a nice person, he'd ask me questions and laugh and share experiences. It was the first time in my life, when I felt great happiness. It was like finally, all my work had payed off.Suddenly we heard planes or jets flying overhead! Bright flashes everywhere, women screaming, men shouting and children crying. I was shaking and wet my pants from all the terror. I held my gun close to my heart and ran outside. Ivan was unconscious. I ran to see if he was alive, and took a look at the village.The planes were dropping bombs on the village. My tent was gone, where...

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