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Australian War Memorial Essay

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Australian War MemorialThe Australian War Memorial in Canberra is very successful in honouring and commemorating those men and women who have served and fallen for their country in all armed conflicts since federation. It was constructed in 1941 and is designed to remember those men and women who have passed away during WWI, WWII, and other conflicts since and before then, most recently in the Iraq war. The commemorative area of the site is a large hall honouring the sacrifices made by all those who fought. The Memorial is also the main place in Canberra where Remembrance Day and Anzac day gatherings are held and as well as this, a website has been created to further assist the memorial hall and commemorating Australian’s who have served in any and all of its wars.The Australian War Memorial was unveiled at 11 am on the 11th of November 1942 and is located in Canberra, not far from parliament house. It was designed by Emil Sodersteen and John Crust after they tried in an architect competition. Thousands of people now visit it each year, many being tourists and many more being loved ones of those lost during wars. The memorial has the names of every person who died during war dating back to the British Sudanese Expedition, the Second Boer War, and the Boxer Rebellion. Many people believe that such a place of memorial is necessary to truly remember all those who helped protect Australia and its customs, although there are many other memorial sites.The Commemorative area at the Australian War Memorial displays the name of everyone who has been killed during armed conflict between opposing forces. The Hall of Memory is a place where loved ones and those thankful for the sacrifices made by soldiers in the past can pay their respects. A courtyard in front of the Hall of Memory shows the names of 102,000 Australian soldiers’ who have been killed during a war. These names are displayed on the Roll Of Honour, a large bronze plaque located around the narrow courtyard. . The western gallery has a wall devoted solely to those who were killed in World War one, while the eastern gallery shows the names of those killed in the Second World War and other recent wars. These plaques only contain the name of the soldiers as “All men are equal in death.” In the middle of the two galleries lies an eternal flame surrounded by a memorial pool and decretive shrubs.The site also consists of a Memorial building, a two story complex with the floor plan in the shape of a cross. The top floor of the building consisting of the West wing, the Right wing, as well as the Aircraft Hall and Hall of Valour, both located between the two wings, while...

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