Australians Never Should Have Been Sent To Fight In Vietnam Because It Just Was Not Our Fight

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War. Always a fickle subject. Politicians always seem to rub their hands in glee in anticipation of what they can gain from it. Whether strengthening bonds with an already powerful country or to help fight another country's war in the guise of helping them, but with hidden agendas behind the scenes. Such is the case with the Vietnamese war, and our involvement in it. The then Prime Minister, Menzies, believed that we had to take an active stance in the Vietnamese War. So that we could stem the flow of communism around the Asian region that was apparently spreading. Troops went and died for his decision, but still, communism remained. Australians should never have been sent to fight in ...view middle of the document...

So they decided to intervene in the Vietnamese civil war, in the hopes that they will somehow avert the flow of communism. The Australian government and Prime Minister Menzies shared the same view. They did not want communism to spread, especially near Australian soil. This was also way for Australian Government to forge stronger ties with the USA. Indirectly, this showed Indonesia that Australia had a powerful ally, so if communism comes, and worse comes to worse, they'll have a strong backing. So began the Vietnam war, Australian troops started to be sent over in 1965.The public were another matter in the war. They were generally not supportive of the war. Labor Party voiced their opinions about how Liberal party did not understand communism well enough to go to war, and that it was not even our fight, we were just intervening in a civil war. Conscription was also implemented, a ballot was chosen from all 20 year old males. Needless to say this caused quite a stir. The mothers of the conscripts banded together to make the 'Save our sons' group. They protested angrily and very vocally about their sons being conscripted, and were very effective in gettin their message through. Student Organisations also sprung up in regard to the conscription policy. They demonstrated and gave support to the men who refused conscription. Even the Trade Unions protested by calling black bans on all the shops...

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