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Author Biography
The author of Flowers for Algernon was Daniel Keyes. He got the idea for the book while he was teaching slow learning high school students. Daniel Keyes was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Keyes graduated from a public high school and worked briefly as a ship's purser for the U.S. Maritime Service before applying to Brooklyn College, where he studied psychology. He graduated in 1950 and attempted to make it in many different fields such as magazine editing and fashion photography before he finally settled down and became a high school English teacher. He taught book high-school and college level classes all while receiving his master’s degree.
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Keyes has also published other books which have been somewhat successful through the years. “The Touch (Harcourt, 1968) dealing with the human tragedy connected with a radiation accident, and The Fifth Sally (Houghton Mifflin, 1980), the first novel to deal with the multiple personality disorder,” (Keyes Biography). Of his other fictional books, these have been the most successful. Keyes has also published three nonfiction books mainly relating to the human mind and how it reacts to certain situations. His greatest hit was The Minds of Billy Milligan which followed the life of Billy Milligan who was the first in history to be acquitted of a major crime because of multiple personality issues. Multiple sequels of the book have spurred up throughout the years in multiple countries such as Japan and the United States.
Now Daniel Keyes can now be found in his house located in southern Florida. “His time these days is consumed by book tours and signings, public appearances, television appearances, and...

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