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Author Analysis: Robert Herrick

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Despite life altering events that occurred in Robert Herrick’s early life, he relied mainly on his surroundings to portray his poetry. With the use of family, friends, and experience, Herrick found simple yet effective ways to convey his philosophies through his writings. While not much may be known about Herrick, through his work it is easy to see that he followed a straightforward lifestyle.Much like other writers and poets, one would think that the tragic events of Herrick’s life would mold the writing style he eventually adapted. However, even though Herrick’s life started out rough, the tragedies in his life did not necessarily affect his poetry. When Herrick was fourteen months old his oldest brother died (answers). At fifteen months his father devised a will splitting the estate between his family, only to “fall” to his death two days later. The family was charged a fee by the High Almoner because the death appeared to be self-inflicted (Lunimarium). Despite Herrick’s young age, events like this tend to effect the family as a whole, but nothing concerning Herrick’s grief is reflected in his writings.Robert Herrick did not discover his talent as a writer until later in his life. At the age of sixteen years old he left his home to become an apprentice for his uncle, eventually becoming a goldsmith like his father (geometry). Herrick did his work but failed to prevail like his ancestors, ultimately realizing that the profession was not for him. As time progressed and Herrick’s work did not, he realized that his true passion was for words and conveying his thoughts and ideas through writing (Luminarium). His enthusiasm for language was not the only thing that distracted Herrick from his work, but he later discovers that he is extremely shortsighted. Evidence of this can be found in his writing, for Herrick is known for his emphasis on the smaller, close up things such as flowers (Answers). When Herrick turned twenty one, he inherited the money from his father’s estate, and chose to leave his apprenticeship and pursue a career in writing (bookrags).Before Herrick’s departure from his uncle, it is believed that he had very little schooling at all despite some Latin studies. But Herrick used already published poems as guidelines like the works of Horace and Ben Jonson, and didn’t let his lack of education hinder his poetry (answers). As his writings progressed, Herrick continued wrote short poems like “A Country Life”, mostly incorporating family friends and even imaginary characters. His adamant pursuit to become a writer ultimately led to his enrollment into St. John’s College at Cambridge (bookrags). Since Herrick was a twenty-two year old commoner when he started, he was six years older than most of the undergraduates and...

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