Authoritarian Parental Style In Hong Kong

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Parenting style is one of the most important factors influencing children’s academic
performance, since parents are the ‘first teachers’. In Hong Kong, A lot of parents take
authoritarian parental methods, which emphasizes children being absolutely obedient to their rules. In Hong Kong, parents generally believed that authoritarian parenting is the best way to enhance children academic performance by having a ‘good starting point’. Therefore, this essay will discuss how authoritarian parenting affect children’s interest of learning and psychological problems. Afterwards, it will provide arguments that authoritarian parenting not a best way to develop children academic performance.

In the first place, Children might loss the interest of learning through authoritarian parenting. In order to improve the children’s school achievement, the parents enforced their children join a wide variety tutorial and extra-curricular. Then, the children will do not have enough time to rest, it will influence the effective of learning, the children do not have enough attention during the lesson. According to the most famous ‘Tiger Moms’, Amy Chua, stated that “Love is plus punishing high expectations, she do everything, it good for her daughter. So that, no matter weekends and vacations, the children must keep studying and practicing”(Annie, 1). So that the children should obey and follow the order,and she believed the most important thing to achieve success is practicing, then the children should spend time to studying, not playing. Under a huge pressure, children get a good result is want to fulfill their parent’s expectation only. But the children may not want to be elites, even some of children will against the will of learning. In order to prevent the failure of their parent's expectation, the children will work hard on their school achievement, despite they do not have any interest on learning. While authoritarian parents facing their children cannot achieve their expectation, they will feel very disappointed and shameful (S.M. Chan, 854). In addiction, Cheung was found that “children who come from authoritarian family were less cognitively motivated and scored less in optimum competence and actual academic performance were comparatively low” (Cheung, 17). Therefore, parents highly expectation will influence children’s interest of learning, and then the children cannot enjoy learning.

Since authoritarian parenting neclect the children’s needed, nearly all decision were decided by the parents, it might influence children psychologically. Confucian value is deeply rooted in Hong Kong people’s mind. As order and structural relationship are the core parts of Confucianism, it aims to maintain a hierarchically structured relationship (Bone& Hwang, 213). That’s make the children do not know how to solve the problem while they facing the problems. However, the children will lack of confident since they always followed their parent’s rules. Cheung...

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