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Authoritarian Parenting Styles Essay

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Throughout the course of this child psychology class I have come to realize and appreciate concepts that were once foreign to me in the field of child development. A lot of these ideas have played a major role in my life; past, present, and future. The one topic that I feel is the most influential, and that I can see as a progression across my entire life span is that of parenting roles. Being a sophomore here, I have been on my own for over two years. My parents and I have a very strong relationship, which is mostly due to their parenting strategies. The definition of an authoritative parenting strategy is simply, ?Parents who are high in both warmth and control. These parents tend to be caring and sensitive towards their children but set clear limits and maintain a predictability.? The past. For as far back as I can remember my parents have had rules for the household that both my sister and I needed to abide by. There was a curfew set up for me until I graduated high school. At the time I thought it was a form of cruel and unusual punishment because I never really did anything wrong, however now I realize it was something that needed to be done to maintain a healthy household. Weekly chores were also set up to promote responsibility at a young age. I have been playing sports since I was four, and my parents were always at every single game and match. This is where I see the warmth and nurturing factor play a huge role. This has taught me that little things really make a difference. I don?t know how I would feel today if they had missed my games, I probably would have a different outlook on the situation.The present. The remainder of the definition of authoritative parenting focuses on the offspring, it states, ?Children of authoritative parents...

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