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Authoritative Parents Essay

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When we look at parents, we can notice about the differences between authoritative parents and helicopter parents.
Some parents are involved in their children adequately, respecting their children’s autonomy. They try to cultivate motivation in their children. This type of parents are generally called authoritative parents. On the other hand, some parents treat their children like toddler, and they tend to diminish their children’s confidence, and they also delay that their children grow maturely. This type of parents is generally called helicopter parents. Although they look totally different ostensibly, they both love their children and cherish their children’s futures. Nonetheless, while authoritative parents raise their children who are autonomous and confident, helicopter parents prevent their children from developing a sense of self. There are mainly three differences between two types of these parents: the standard of parental involvement, a sense of obligation, and thought for raising their children.
First, while authoritative parents do more than they point out some problems, helicopter parents try to be involved in their children’s jobs. Authoritative parents give their children some advice and help them to ponder over it. Paul Hudson says that you listen and talk to your parents, maybe they can help you brainstorm. On the other hand, helicopter parents want to be involved in even in their children’s workplaces. The wall street journal reported recently that on one company that calls or sends notes to parents when intern achieve their sales goals and another that lets parents listen in when managers describe the details of job offers.
Second, whereas authoritative parents try to be obligated to their children, helicopter parents tend to be negligent in raising their children as adult. Authoritative parents sometimes try to interfere in their children’s career decisions, because they know how important finance is in the future, and they love their children. Paul Hudson states that the parents’ job is to make sure that their children grow up making the best possible decisions and finding themselves in a financially comfortable position. In...

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