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As social media continues to become the global transmitter of information, many business even government agencies and law enforcement officials have found ways to utilize this modern day source of communication. Many precincts across the United States have incorporated the use of social media as not only a way to investigate and possibly prevent crimes but also as a gateway to their community. In an article entitled “Police embrace Social Media” it was stated that a 2013 study conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police showed 81 percent of 728 departments surveyed said they used social media (wagley, 2014).
The development of a social media order among officials can prove to be quite challenging. Law enforcement officials must be meticulous in their use of networking sites. Rather departmental use, or personal use, it is imperative that departments and officers have rigged stipulations on usage as to prevent negative backlash, law suits, and the compromise of evidence and possible convictions. “Pitfalls for police officers on face Book” reported how a NYC ex-con was acquitted of weapon possession due to the arresting officers Face Book and MySpace status that stated he watched a popular movie entitled “Training Day” to brush up on police protocol along with a series of damaging statements that compromised the integrity of the police work (Terrence P. Dwyer, 2010).
If I had the task of formulating an order such as this, it would consist of two parts which stated detailed regulations regarding personal use and departmental use. Departmental use of social media would be divided into two categories, community awareness and investigation, while personal use would outline prohibited acts on personal websites. Spokeswoman for Richmond Virginia police department stated by use of social media sites such as Facebook, police can share crime related photos which creates an easy way for community members to provide feedback and possible tips (wagley, 2014). Access to social media may aid law enforcement officials in communicating with the public as well as crime prevention, but there are many challenges that arise when police departments embrace the use of social media, such as allegations of arbitrary censorship (wagley, 2014).
Personal use of social media sites among police officers brings forth yet another complicated issue. The IACP’s Center for Social Media, urges police departments to prohibit officers from representing the department on personal web sites (wagley, 2014). As part of my social media order all employees would be required to sign a waiver agreeing to not make any associations between themselves and the department. However, when utilizing professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, divulgence of occupation...

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