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Police Radar Guns and Jammers
Since Radar’s first use in 1937 by Watson-Watt, where they detected the motion of flying objects by calculating the difference in the signals emitted and received, Radars have been used in various occasion (Crochi). After laser was invented, the modern LIDAR system was used in such missions as the Apollo 15 to help draw moon’s map. Apart from its pervasive use in naval and aerial object detection, the modern technologies, based on the principle of Radar’s working mechanism, are used in smaller handy devices like radar guns to measure the speed of the object. Usually handguns used by police officers, or even an athlete’s coach, use the Radar or the modern LIDAR technologies to measure the speed of the targeted source. Despite their sophisticated mechanism, these surveillance equipments are prone to various deceptive strategies like jamming.
Radio Detection And Ranging (RADAR) “is a method of using radio waves to detect the existence of an object and then to find its position in relation to a known point, usually the site of the radar installation.” Radar technology can be used to detect the position, speed, and direction of the moving or stationary objects (“Pulse-modulated”). Radars, often used for “electromagnetic surveillance,” has various hardware and software parts that work together to produce an effective reading of the position and motion of the objects. The transmitter of the radar is used to initiate the process by amplifying the pulse signals. It has three parts: “a high powered amplifier (HPA) with a high-stability electron gun, waveform generator and timing, and an antenna” (Kolawole, 37). “The low energy signal, collected by the antenna, is brought through the circulator and the transmit/receive switch tube, or the isolator, and the radio frequency (RF) amplifier” (Kolawole, 42). Radar sensors operate by emitting and receiving short microwaves signals of frequency greater than 1 GHz and usually below 40 GHz
Police officers deployed for enforcement of traffic speed use the version of Radar that uses laser. “The light detection and ranging (LIDAR) device emits a short pulse of infrared light that is directed in a narrow beam towards a selected target. The light pulse strikes the target and is typically reflected in all directions. A small portion of this light pulse is reflected back towards the LIDAR device. This return energy is collected and focused on a sensitive detector that then converts the light pulse energy to an electrical pulse. A high speed clock counts as the light pulse travels from the LIDAR device to the target and back to determine the total trip time. Using the known speed of light, an onboard computer determines the range to the target. For speed calculations, multiple ranges are taken and the change in range over a short period of time is determined” (Patterson).
By operating the trigger of the hand held LIDAR guns, a narrow beam of infrared laser is emitted towards the target. The...

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