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Authority Essay

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Experience of working in a local authority settingMy key role is the retention and reintegration of young people into education; I work closely with various agencies to achieve this; on average 60% of the young people referred to the service have issues relating to education be it truancy, bullying or exclusion I have formed strong links with the LEA to enable me to support the young people and family, example - I supported a 14 year old that had been out of education for two years. I worked in partnership with the LEA to try and get the young person reinstated into education, in addition I liaised with a number of secondary schools and put the young person on several waiting list, whilst the young person was not engaged in education I purchased educational material and met the young person weekly to set work; after several meetings with the LEA and working closely with the parents I successfully got the young person into alternative education.Experience of working with families and different agenciesAs a key worker I work directly with young people and families who face a multitude of issues ranging from single parent house holds, unemployment, teenage, pregnancy, deprivation and low income. To enable me to support each young person, I work closely with other agencies such as the Lambeth Education Authority, Connextions, Social Services the Police the Youth Offending service, Youth Inclusion Support Panel, PAYP, and other charitable organizations which offer educational support and assistance to young people excluded from mainstream education.Working with a Multi-Agency approach is crucial as it allows me to support each young person in a holistic way and ensures they get the best possible service. When I refer a young person to a school / service I work closely with that school / service and get regular feed back on the young person's progress. I have a great understanding of the aims and objectives of the different agencies used, and the services they offer young people.For example a referral from social services was a Bangladeshi young person who frequently truanted from school; her lack of attendance was the result of a multitude of factors, lack of freedom, identity, family and bullying. The truancy had been an ongoing problem from year 8 and the young person was in year 10, the school was on the verge of taking the young person off role. I worked with the young person and teachers to identify the factors leading to the young person not attending school and put in place an action plan to support the young person and school, this consisted of the young person having scheduled appointments, meeting with the young person after and during school and liaising with the parents to build communication in the family. The work I conduct is not solely focused on attendance but on the overall education and welfare of the young people.LegislationThe 2007 guidance is a key component that is regularly used to inform my practice and enables me to provide...

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