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According to Max Weber, authority is legitimate power or power that is accepted as right by the people (Henslin, 2012). Coercion on the other hand is illegitimate power that is not accepted by the people (Henslin, 2012). In every situation a person is in, someone has the authority. Not everyone has the same type of authority. There are three main types: traditional, rational-legal, and charismatic. Of the three types of authority, our president has one, and each political leader has at least one or more.
There are three types of authority: traditional, rational-legal, and charismatic (Henslin, 2012). Traditional authority is where custom governs relationships (Henslin, 2012). For example, a ...view middle of the document...

Rational authority does not allow biased decision based on lack of evidence or discussion because of the law they abide by (Haun and Williamson, 2013). Each decision the president has to make is based on rational thought and written laws. Barack Obama has to keep his speeches legitimate, is decisions true and nonbiased, and has to abide by the law. I believe that Obama fits into this category, but I believe that there are some leaders who fit into more than one category.
A king’s first-born male will become heir to the throne so the type of authority the son as is traditional (Henslin, 2012). Also the son is bound by the written rules when he becomes king and ruler of all his people. So the son’s type of authority is now traditional and rational-legal. A king can do what the king pleases, but a good king is bound by his word. A king who speaks the truth to his people and keeps his promises and a rational-legal king. A leader could hold more than one type of authority and they could hold each type of authority.
Of the three types of authority, our...

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