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Authority Or Animals Essay

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The novel Lord of the Flies and the short story “I Only Came to use the Phone” share the main idea of abused power. Characters in both storied prove that having power over others isn’t always necessarily a good thing. These characters lose their morals and begin to act animalistic due to the immense amount of power that they hold over others. Without morals to differentiate the difference between regular human-like behaviors, the characters with power act in inappropriate ways, causing chaos. This chaos carries on throughout each story due to the fact that the authority figures mask the truth that would resolve the main conflict of each story, ending the chaos.
The power given to some of the characters in each story gets to their heads and they seem to lose all morals and begin to act in a way that is inhuman-like due to this. In the novel Lord of the Flies Jack becomes obsessed with hunting pigs, he turns into a predator, hunting pigs as prey. Since many of the boys look up to Jack, they also partake in his violent, animalistic acts. The boys encourage Jack’s predatory behaviors, which leads him further form his previous, civilized character. When Jack catches a pig and is preparing himself to kill it, the other boys chant, “Kill the pig. Cut his throat. Spill his blood.” (Page 69) encouraging to Jack to pursue his act of violence. Not only do the boys push Jack to act violently, they act out the killing of the pig after he has slayed one. After jack slaughtered a pig a boy named Maurice pretends to be the pig, running and squealing as a few of the boys circle in, pretending to beat him as the rest of the boys dance and sing. (Page 75) In the short story “I Only Came to use the Phone”, the night matron also acts animalistic, making it clear that she doesn’t have morals like other civilized beings. This is evident through the way that she treats her patient, Maria. Since the night matron has the ability to leave the sanatorium, she has the ability to get her hands on whatever Maria wants, knowing this, she offers Maria anything she wants in exchange for sex. The night matron uses her title of power to her advantage to bribe Maria, showing that she is wrongfully using her power. The night matron’s harassment does not stop there, she later sneaks into Maria’s room while everyone else is sleeping and whispers obscene things into Maria’s ear. The night matron acts as a predator, Maria being the prey. The night matron shows several animalistic tactics while approaching Maria. For example, she waited until everyone else in the sanatorium was sleeping so that she could isolate herself with Maria, leaving her helpless. Another tactic that the night matron uses while sneaking up on Maria is making sure that Maria was in her bed, giving the night matron the advantage of being over top of Maria, overpowering her. Not only does the night matron get an advantage from leaning over Maria’s bed, she also sexually harasses her in her own bed, a...

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