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Authority, Power, The Transcendental Method Essay

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Authority is the legitimate power while the dialectic will develop from a show of power and legitimacy. When there is cooperation at all places and time among people, cooperation acts as a source of power. Therefore, it is because of cooperation that differentiates the human being from their primitive tribe. The cooperation in a community attributes or shows their power. The power of the community is not determined by the number of people within an area but their general way of understanding each other as their common aim that shows knowledge to practicing power. Authority gives rise to power and when power is practiced well, it brings achievement among the cooperating groups and distributes the fruits of cooperation among the cooperating members. The power enables the authority to define roles and points to tasks that should be performed by different people in the community. However, it is within the particular group of people ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, they are unauthentic in the measure that they are the product of cumulative inattention, unreasonable and irresponsible. Authenticity makes power and authority legitimate, is attained only by long and sustained fidelity to the transcendental precepts while unauthenticated make the power illegitimate, and destroys the authority and leaving it merely powerful. Therefore, those exercising the power in the name of authority should show authenticity and exercise attentiveness, intelligence, reasonableness and responsibility to those authorities and power is practiced upon. Long-sustained attentiveness helps the authorities to note what is going on in the community while intelligence helps to know how things can be done better. Moreover, reasonableness helps the authorities to be open to change while responsibility weighs in the balance between short and long-term advantages and disadvantages, benefits and defects. When these four values and their meaning are properly applied in the authority, it shows the evidence in the progress of power. As authority, power exercising should be able to yield natural fruits that are beneficial to the whole community without causing restriction or oppression to them. Moreover, those practicing power as they have the authority to have to be as a role model to the other people in the community as it does not necessarily imply that as authorities we should be an aid for the role we play in the community. Therefore, a show of self-sacrifice is relevant for the leaders as we exercise our power because it helps one to gain the adhesion of the masses by successfully meeting the challenges of each successive situation (Elizabeth 555-557).
However, legitimacy of authority is diverse as it occurs on various differentiations of consciousness. For example, in early human society it is a matter of myth and ritual while in the modern society civilization it has become a matter of law. Therefore, cooperation and power creates a concrete legitimate authority and allows the dynamic of authenticity and unauthenticated that is found in the community, in the individuals that are authorities and the individuals subjected to the authority.

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