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Authors And Genres Midterm Essay

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The “Little Red Riding Hood” narratives described by Maria Tatar are told in similar yet different ways. For instance, each narrative has a sexual tendency of the wolf trying to get Red Riding Hood to sleep in bed with them. Each narrative has a moral story of paying the consequence of talking to a stranger. However, the narratives differ because a few of the stories involved Red Riding Hood’s character knowing the wolf. The major difference with each narrative is the outcome of when Red Riding Hood arrives at her grandmother’s house. She either escapes from being eaten, gets eaten, or gets rescued by a woodsman.
Italo Calvino’s version of “Little Red Riding Hood” has a different impression on the fairy tale. The title is called “The False Grandmother.” In this story, Red Riding Hood is not given a name or a nick name. She does not have a red cloak with a hood. Calvino calls her “the child” or “the little girl.” “The child” from the story is on her way to retrieve something for Grandmother. Along the way she has to give her items to nature when she needs to pass so she could be on her way. Instead of Grandmother being eaten by a wolf, she was eaten by the orgress. “The child became aware that it was not her grandmother when she feels its tale while she is in bed. So instead of being eaten or getting rescued she outsmarted the wolf so she could escape. On her way back home nature lets her pass because she gave away her items to the creatures. The orgress yells for them not to let “the child” pass but the disobeyed. In the end “the child” manages to make it back home.
This in a way relates to Spirited Away (Miyazaki 2001). Chihiro (voice: Daveigh Chase) is first seen as a whiny child who probably could not fend for herself. Like most children she had to learn to respect authority and take responsibility for her own actions. When she manages to get a job at the spa no one wanted anything to do with her. She could not keep up with the other girls when they were mopping the floors. She managed to prove everyone wrong when she had to clean the stink spirit. When she feels a thorn like object on the spirit’s side every staff member then decides to lend a hand. A lot of junk came out and Chihiro/Sen proved that even though she was a child she still managed to get the job done and was rewarded for it.
In a way it was as if Chihiro and Sen were two different people. Chihiro was the defenseless innocent “little girl.” Sen became the fearful girl who managed to take care of herself and get the job done. After her parents...

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