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Authors Create Conflict following Same Formula as Shakespeare - By Micheal Davis In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare uses then theme of revenge to intertwine the plot and develop some conflict between characters of this play. Of all these character that are involved in these revenge conflicts 8 are dead by the end of the play. This type of writing is a style that a lot of authors are still using today, much later then Shakespeare=s time, and involve all types of genres.Shakespeare uses the revenge plot to create conflict between two of the main characters Hamlet and Claudius. In Act 1, Scene 5, the ghost of his father visits Hamlet. This ghost talks to Hamlet and reveals that Claudius was the One who murdered him. The ghost replies to Hamlet and states ARevenge his foul and unnatural murder.@ This is where Shakespeare first introduces the revenge plot in Hamlet because it is Hamlet who is living now to avenge his father=s cruel death. Other stories have this same style of plot, old and new. Batman a famous comic book hero was created when Bruce Wayne watched his father get murdered at a young age, swearing to never let that happen to anyone else and to avenge his father=s untimely death he becomes the cape crusader himself Batman. This has been used for the plot of many super heroes as well as other stories that do not deal with the supernatural at all.Shakespeare uses the revenge plot to develop a conflict between enemies like Hamlet and Laertes. He does this by making the death of Laertes= father and sister be caused by Hamlet in advertently. During the play Hamlet lost all trust for everyone around him except for Horatio. Because of this lost of trust he decides to cut off all ties with the one he loves Ophelia (Laertes' sister). Because of his rude departure from her she goes mad and it drives her enough to have her walk into the river and drown herself. While Hamlet talks to his mother he realizes that someone is spying upon them and accidentally stabs Polonius (Laertes' Father) who was hiding behind a rug hung from the wall. Laertes now sets out to get revenge for his family's cruel death. "And so have I a noble father lost; A sister drivin' into desperate terms, Whose worth, if praises may go back again, Stood challenger on a mount of all the age. For her perfections: but my revenge will come."(4.7 25-29). This style of writing is very effective for Shakespeare it develops more plot against Hamlet and creates some more conflict between characters of the story. Writers now a days base a lot of stories upon this style of writing. It happens in screenplays as well, as you see in Hollywood hits like "American Outlaws" a classic tale of Jessie James and the outlaws in the west where the railroad kills relatives and friends of farmers to scare them off their land. After the brutal murder of Jessie James' mother by arson, Jessie James gets a group of friends and war buddies (from the US Civil War) to join his band of outlaws and strike...

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