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Romantic Literature FinalLyrical Ballads:The Eolian Harp by Coleridge (522-26)Tensions: poetic inspiration (wind blowing through him, exotic, wild, unknown) vs. constraints (wife, domestic home life)Coleridge is worried that this will be the last poem he writes, he feels he has lost his poetic inspiration.Alliteration of sounds as if wind is blowing.This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison by Coleridge (545-57)Similar to Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey. Travels in memory with his friends in beautiful natural setting. (So it becomes a new fond memory rather than a prison as he first fears). One can draw on and appreciate nature, as it serves as inspiration and memory. His detailed memory creates beautiful images in his mind. Coleridge "commands" nature to come together and inspire friend Charles as it did him. He wants his friend to feel the same of nature as he does. His memory sooths him, as if here were there with them. Nature/God never leaves us, its all around us. Even the darkness of the rook in nature holds the power to inspire.Kubla Khan by Coleridge (545)Very fragmented (incomplete, a romantic theme). Language cannot capture the true experience. The poem is not complete; it was an opium induced dream that was interrupted by a businessman at the door. Coleridge was frustrated because he couldn't get back to this dream. He tries to capture this in his poem. Very supernatural and fantastical (almost unbelievable)Dejection: An Ode by Coleridge (563)This is a response to Wordsworth's Intimations Ode:Without imagination, a poet is useless. He has lost his imagination and he wants to get back to that. His nature is a deadly storm, dark, ominous, as opposed to Wordsworth's happy descriptions of nature. Coleridge seems almost angry, he really experiences melancholy and knows its effects as to where Wordsworth doesn't really understand and feel dejection. Wordsworth is even complaining that he's had too happy a life because now he cannot write about sad, tragic poetic things. He wishes he's had some bad incidents to write about. As in Intimations ode, Wordsworth starts out, oh woe is me, I can't be a child again, but then he quickly snaps out of it and is happy again, saying, I have memories of childhood to keep me happy and the promise of immortality, as our soul lives on. Very optimistic.Storm is coming and he hopes for rejuvenation through the wind (storm)/ nature. Image of the wind= change, inspiration. He wants the wind to blow life back into him. He's lost all inspiration and poetic genius and he feels he cannot write. At the end, the storm is over and the wind seemed to change his mood to optimism. Even though he is no longer inspired, his source of joy, Sara, sleeps peacefully.Grasmere Journals and Letters by Dorothy Wordsworth (478)Common language, yet very poetic descriptions of nature and people. (ie: the old soldier). Very personal (unlike William who thinks everyone would have the same universal reaction). She describes her experiences and doesn't...

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this is a Short Story i wrote for an english task i got an A so feel free to us it as you wish and good luck with your assignment

924 words - 4 pages died. I was extremely stress by this and refuse to talk to anyone but nanny because she was the only one that I could trust to tell me the truth. Sometimes I wonder what I have done to deserve, to lose my parents at such a young age. But I know that when they were alive the loved me dearly and that they will be there to help me through the good and the bad times. Maddison Brand 10D English

Sky High - i got a good mark for this, i hope u do too.

1212 words - 5 pages The narrative Sky High by H. Robert, involves itself with how change affects an individual's behaviour and attitude towards their environment. Change is portrayed as the tool, which shapes our personalities, from naive children to the very complex emotional beings. As Robert introduces the memories of the child a frilly carefree atmosphere envelopes the prose: "feeling...nearly as pink as [my] bathers". This lively, zealous atmosphere creates a

This essay is about how crime relates to sociology, i got an 80% because i didn't use MLA format, and i didn't cite many sources. please remember to do so and good luck!

915 words - 4 pages Crime is one of the aspects of human society that can't be changed. Since the dawn of time man has always committed crimes against society. Crime is what shows what a culture's values beliefs are, and how they react to certain "deviants" to their society. In order to fully understand how people live and work together, one must also examine the "deviants" of a particular society. Crime is what makes us human, without it there would be no such

Milton, Shelley And Coleridge

777 words - 3 pages Milton, Shelly, and Coleridge John Milton, Percy Shelley, and Samuel Coleridge are widely known as some of the greatest poets of their age. During this period, known as the Romantic Age, poets typically wrote about nature. Milton, who can be compared to Stevie Wonder, wrote before the romantic age, yet still has the same qualities. Coleridge, who can be compared to Robert Downey Jr., wrote the basic rules of romantic writers. Percy Shelley, who

"Good Night, and Good Luck"

914 words - 4 pages McCarthywent as far as accusing innocent people of being communists."Good Night, and Good Luck" uses an authentic look at America's history toproduce a powerful statement in which democracy was almost lost trying toprevent communism. Some of the things that made the film look authentic werethe accurate use of 1950s clothing, set design, and the props in the film. It was alsofilmed in 1950s black and white style.It seemed as if Senator McCarthy

Good Night and Good Luck

813 words - 3 pages In Good Night and Good Luck, director George Clooney follows the conflict between outspoken television journalist Edward R. Murrow and anti-communist Senator Joseph McCarthy during the hard times of the Red Scare. Murrow uses his television show to expose McCarthy’s fallacious arguments, while providing his own opinion on the matter. He begins by defending former Air Force pilot Milo Radulovich as not being the Communist agent McCarthy charges

Critical Analysis of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

2489 words - 10 pages example, a limited number of references to Wordsworth walking and writing in Dorothy's letters and journals (Bennett). In my opinion, the mere fact that Bennett thinks it is pertinent that Wordsworth might have walked around as he wrote alludes to Bennett?s overall ineptitude to say anything of substance for the better majority of his critique. I view this particular topic along the lines of whether or not a writer uses a PC or a Mac computer

Authors use many ways to transcend reality such as imagery,

1553 words - 6 pages how one person can light up their surroundings and make the best of it. Also saying that the ocean can mean many things. It can symbolize happiness, good times, and bad times, how something so beautiful can be deadly, also what little we know of from the ocean. Existentialism can also be used in daily life from the simplest questions such as, what should I pick, coke or water? Or to a huge choice such as, should I marry her? Each choice is

The revolutionary war and its famous writers that effected it. Authors such as thomas paine, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry.

1092 words - 4 pages The Revolutionary War created the pathway to what we are now. We became independent and it gave us freedom from Britain's King. The war led us to the new life we wanted without control of outside countries. But without the encouragement of writers to help us in our time of need, things still would not have been that easy. Some of the great writers that influenced others to make history happen would be Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick

A essay on how I help my community and therefor help myself

506 words - 2 pages If I could only choose fifteen words to describe myself and how I life it would be "everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven" which is an old Yiddish proverb. I take this to mean we all have only one life and we should try to make the most of it. In this light I try to life my life to the maximum and also help others enjoy themselves as much as I do. In my community there is a summer reading program run through my

Understanding the the Romantic Imagination with Ramond, Wordsworth and Shelley

1943 words - 8 pages mystery of which I am myself a part, to which I am myself my own unique door." (Thomas Merton in Finley 45) We have spent a good deal of this semester concentrating on the sublime. We have asked what (in nature) is sublime, how is the sublime described and how do different writers interpret the sublime. A sublime experience is recognizable by key words such as 'awe', 'astonishment' and 'terror', feelings of insignificance, fractured syntax

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