Autism And Communication Skills Essay

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Autism and Communication Skills
In our society communication is a key component and vital to existence in success in this day in age. Not only communication but social skills, motor skills, and our basic senses are the platforms on which we build off of, well, in the world of autism communication is impacted and for that reason an audible disturbance can come off as a heavy impairment… the naked eye. In my experience working with autistic boys & girls has showed me the sheer beauty and honesty of how they communicate and relay their feelings and emotions. The autism spectrum disorder is commonly known. Autism has wide spectrum of severity ranging from low to high and in between. This literature review dissects the value of full functioning beings and autistic beings, and explains my interpretation of autism and their ability to find new components to life.
Autism is a brain dysfunction genetically passed down and resulting with abnormalities in the corpus callosum which allows for one to efficiently communicate. Amygdala which facilitates regular emotions and social behavior, and lastly the cerebellum which determines hand eye and motor skill as well as neuron activity that affect the brain in autism. Spect scans of children with autism show an unusual amount of nerve fibers in the brain. At birth their brains are disproportionately smaller than most beings but in short lapse of a year there brains grow rapidly and above average for their age at a year and a half old. All these facets play a role in the main reasoning for lack of transmission from one side to the other (delaying responses and reactions). In scientific research there is no clear explanation of which autism originates or is spawned from. In the most clearest fashion this dysfunction of one’s brain; is simply put as that children with autism or adults with autism have a filter disorder as to where a ordinary brains receives information processes it and replies. An autistic brain hears and sees and can feel but it is most commonly that what they think, feel, or hear is a misinterpretation or misconception. Autism is the failure to acquire an intuitive understanding which is also called the theory of mind. T.O.M. is the lack of one’s ability to relate to some else’s needs, concerns, or thoughts. Theory of mind enables one to make friends, build lasting relationships, and gives one the advantage of rising in today’s competitive world.
In the most recent research articles the conclusion has always been that though autistic people may think and act differently from society they are not bodily or mentally different from our fellows, although it may be in a different form or fashion from the socially normal standard. A new theory to think about is how teachers can be flexible to their cognitive mind differences. We need not judge and see aspects through their eyes, learning this new concept of thinking could open doors...

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