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Autism Spectrum Disorder In African American Children

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Although the history of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and early involvement of the disorder are not yet well understood, new research in the field of autism has emphasized early intervention as the key. Generally, symptoms of autism typically appear before a child is three years old and last throughout life. Autism in African American community has been affected by cultural differences, but since this community is so diverse, these differences do not apply to all. Many African Americans are more accepting of developmental disabilities than other races. This is partly due to African Americans relying on religion and believes that God makes people the way they are. People from the Autism Speaks Society states, that child with autism from minority communities aren’t being recognized quickly enough. Children with this disorder can display a wide range of symptoms, which can vary in severity from mild to disabling. Both researchers and educators alike tend to argue that children with ASD benefits from early detection and intervention sessions, but disagreements come regarding the appropriate setting. In addition, many programs involving early intervention have shown progress by utilizing several solo techniques or a combination of techniques. The same genetics and developmental nature of this disorder make it unlikely that a single treatment usually works well when treating children with ASD. Based on differential response to treatment, some kids with ASD showed a positive response, while others showed progress with varying rates. However, some facts points to the inadequately of single treatment approaches for all areas of children with the disorder. This paper examines early research validating technologies for individually treatments.
In African Americans, some kids are misdiagnosed. Instead of having ASD, majority of them are labelled as having a learning disability. We often hear terms or labels used to describe our loved ones, like autistic, autistic like, high functioning or low functioning. There is rising evidence that autism spectrum disorder are often diagnosed several years after the onset of symptoms are misdiagnosed although experienced clinician accurately diagnose ASD in children as younger as two years of age. Practitioners may be more likely to diagnose autism in white children and intellectual disability in non-whites because some may think that intellectual disability is lesser in whites. This pattern of delayed and missed ASD diagnose may be exacerbated among medically underserved ethnic and social minorities. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is known for its complex developmental disorders; however, this paper will concentrate on its history, treatment, and research and sponsorship available for African Americans.
Kanzter, Fernell, Gilliberg, and Miniscalco revealed “the exact cause of ASD is not known, but research has pointed at several possible factors including genetics (heredity), metabolic or neurological factors, certain...

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