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Autism Spectrum Disorders Essay

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Abstract— This paper discusses the potential of using technologies in the diagnosis, study and intervention treatments of autism. The first part of paper introduces background information on autism spectrum disorder. The second part deals with review of literature survey. The third part summarizes our proposed research work on the connected topic. The fourth part concludes our work as whole.

Keywords— autism, discrete trail training, applied behaviour analysis, voice output communication aids
The present paper addresses various innovative assistive technology used in diagnosis and treatment of pervasive developmental disorders such as autism. Autism is a developmental disability that is usually noticeable the present paper addresses various innovative assistive technology used in diagnosis and treatment of pervasive developmental disorders such as autism. Autism is a developmental disability that is usually noticeable in the early stages of life preferably in the age groups of one to three years.

The common impairments found in the autistic communities are social interactions, communication, controlled interests and recurring behavior etc. The cause for autism is still mysterious. Scientists are working to find out various factors that cause autism. Some of them believe that the changes in environment and genetics might be the key cause.

Till now there are no suitable medicines or treatments to cure autism, but using appropriate therapies such as applied and verbal behavioral analysis the impairments of autistic children could be eliminated or reduced to an extent.
In this subsection, a list of related works will be briefly described.
Gregory D. Abowd, Julie A. Kientz[1] working at Georgia Tech has paying attention on sustaining persons with autism and their caretakers by means of computing tools. They have designed two applications to assist a group interact with autistic kids. The first tool called CareLog, which is a portable application for recording behavioral information in familiar location that allows caretakers and teachers to grasp moments on tape.

Children’s with autism may show signs of certain behaviors that might be troublesome or dangerous to themselves or others. To understand the cause of these behaviors they have introduced a new mechanism called Function Behavior Assessment (FBA). Generally caregivers note down behavioral incident of a child with autism for few weeks, later these data is analyzed by behavioral specialist to determine the behavior function.

But incident might occur at unpredicted times and place, so caregivers may feel difficult to note down these behavior. To help caregivers document and analyze unpredictable incidents, a prototype model is designed by Julie A. Kientz & their colleagues called CareLog.

For detecting the self-stimulatory behaviors of autistic child they have used wireless body worn sensors. Caregivers provided with a wireless key to...

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