Autism The Inside Story Essay

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Autism - The inside story
According to the article "Autism" the author stated that, " Early studies suggested that five children out of 10,000 had Autism Spectrum Disorder." Also, in the same article the author states that, " People with Autism have problems with communication and social interaction." I believe that people should be much more understanding and tolerant of people with Autism. Those people have disadvantages , such as : difficulty with language , which they make up with advantages , such as : putting clues together , and having the unique interest and talents , as my amazing brother Ted.
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One reason that people should be more understanding and tolerant of people with Autism, is because those people have very unique interest and talents. In the article "Autism can be an advantage in life" the author stated that, "Autism can be an advantage in giving people exceptional memories and visual skills , according to their research." Another supporting idea is when in the book about my brother and me, "The London Eye" author stated : " Ted have unique interest which is weather forecasting." Ted proved this when he showed me , how many information about the weather he has , and how intelligent he is about this topic. This shows me that Ted, and other autistic people could be very fascinating to meet. Probably we could even learn something from their passions, and unique interest.
Another reason to be much more understanding and tolerant of people with ASD is that , they are amazing with putting clues together. According to the article "Autism can be an advantage in life" , author stated that, " They can remember information they read weeks ago , and often outshine others in non-verbal tests. " This quote means that people with Autism very often have very analytical thinking , which also means that...

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