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Running Head: AUTISM WEEK 2AUTISM WEEK 2[Writer Name][Institute Name]AUTISM WEEK 2Client DescriptionJC was born 6 lbs. and 19 inches. His mother (Elizabeth) never noticed anything different in him as a baby. However, when JC turned 14 months, Elizabeth started noticing something that made suspicious. She recalls that Mia (her daughter) was talking and walking by 14 months. JC was a lot slower (Eldevik, 2006). The doctor told her not to worry, because some kids slower than others. Finally, at 18 months JC started walking, but he never played with his sister or said anything. He didn't like to be hugged or kissed. He would only play with his favorite animal puzzle and matchbox cars. Sometimes he would run non stop around the dinning table looking at chairs from different angles. At age two JC was still non verbal. After two years of one sided conversations, Elizabeth and John decided to seek help. She went to a developmental physician, who ran a few screening tests on JC.AssessmentJC was two years old when he was labeled autistic. I know, from working with him that he is not one of the highest functioning autistic children but (Volkmar, 2007), he is not the lowest either. I had a rather difficult time in the beginning, but over the two years he has shown drastic progress. He understands when spoken to and responds back with an appropriate answer.Children with autism do not show significant violations of sensorimotor classification from children at this level require a minimum number of abstract thought (Zager, 2005).Studies show that the particular operation phase differences between cognitive development of children with autism and others occur (Mash & Barkley, 2009).Elizabeth and John's initial reaction upon receiving this diagnosis was shock, terror, distress, and despair....

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1963 words - 8 pages Autism has become one of the top disabilities in California’s developmental system. Today, the rise of autism is increasing by 10 - 17 percent each year. (Madeleine 3) "The disease was first identified by child psychologist Leo Kanner in 1943 at Johns Hopkins University" (Little 2). Autism is a disorder that is usually detected within the first three years. According to the Autism Society of America, 1 in 166 individuals are diagnosed with

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2837 words - 11 pages social groups equally, with individuals in one group no more or less likely than those in other groups. Three groups are at higher-than-normal risk s including:· Boys. Statistics show that boys are three to four times more likely to be affected by autism than girls are.· Siblings of those with autism. With families that have one child with an autism, the recurrence of autism in another sibling is between 2 percent and 8 percent, a


1408 words - 6 pages the course of a four-week period after treatment. Of the 60 children, 4 could not be evaluated — 2 received secretin outside the study, and 2 did not return for follow-up. Thus, 56 children (28 in each group) completed the study. As compared with placebo, secretin treatment was not associated with significant improvements in any of the outcome measures. Among the children in the secretin group, the mean total score on the autism Behavior

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1606 words - 6 pages investigating case studies of children who have achieved documented improvements. In one case Susan Bourgeois' son, Christopher, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years and 1 month. At 2 years and 10 months he began ABA therapy at a Lovaas Replication site for 20-30 hours per week in addition to 2 hours per week of speech therapy until 4 years and 1 month. He attended a special education pre-school class for four months prior to his transition

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1968 words - 8 pages benefits following an additional 8-week TR intervention” (2192 Ward). All of the students were enrolled in the public school system. They used two scales to rate the children growth during the duration of the study. “The Gilliam autism rating scale-2 (GARS-2) and the sensory profile school companion (SPSC) were used to assess autism characteristics and sensory responses, respectively. Teachers completed these measures at the school building, and

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2259 words - 9 pages =aph&AN=63446896 McMillan, J.H., & Schumacher, S. (2010). Research in Education Evidence-Based Inquiry (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. O’Connor, I. M. & Klein, P.D. (2004). Exploration of strategies for facilitating the reading comprehension of high functioning students with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders. 34 (2), 115-127. Retrieved from

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2252 words - 10 pages Autism Treatments Autism is a disorder that develops in the first three years of life. If affects the brain's development and impairs communication and social skills. The severity of the disorder is characterized on a very large spectrum that depends on the individual. Autism causes abnormalities in the brain and the cause of these abnormalities are unknown. This makes it difficult to treat or find a cure. There are many different types of

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2123 words - 8 pages , but were coordinated into groups of 19 (Experimental, Control 1, and Control 2). Both children in the experimental group and control 1 received intensive one-to-one treatment beginning at average ages of 34.6 and 40.9 months respectively and continuing for two or more years. Children in the experimental group received at least 40 hours of treatment per week, whereas children in control 1 received 10 hours or less per week. Children in control

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1630 words - 7 pages looking for, Brody still needed therapies and treatment, and the consensus was there was no available help from insurance or anyone else. The recommended 40 hours a week of therapy that Brody needed would cost about $80,000 to $100,000 per year out of pocket as Georgia has no insurance coverage for autism. Nikki began to rally parents together to raise awareness and as a result she was recruited to be co-chair of "Autism Votes". Georgia is one of the

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1915 words - 8 pages understand Mikey’s condition as an Autistic Savant, the pathophysiology, symptomology, theories, and treatment of both Autism and Savantism must be discussed. In addition, the differences between Savantism,—a syndrome—and Autism—a neurodevelopmental disorder—will be thoroughly examined as both a psychological, and a neurological deficit; and moreover, the standards, statistics, and theories of intelligence will be analyzed. One in every 110

Brief report: measuring the effectiveness of teaching social thinking to children with asperger syndrome (AS) and high functioning Autism (HFA). Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders

1074 words - 4 pages Social cognition is the process where people acquire, understand, and use social knowledge too accurately and quickly respond to verbal and nonverbal social information. People with Asperger syndrome (AS) and High Functioning Autism (HFA) have a deficit in social knowledge. One part of social knowledge understands that other people have beliefs, desires, feelings, and thoughts that are separate from our own; known as perspective taking or Theory

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Autism Week 2 Essay

556 words - 2 pages Running Head: Autism Week 3Autism Week 3[Writer Name][Institute Name]Autism Week 3IntroductionThey contacted a local organization that provides behavior therapy based on the theory of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - where behavior rewarded is more likely to be repeated than behavior ignored. He receives therapy 40 hours/week both at home and school. At school JC is shadowed by a therapist. He also visits a speech therapist and an occupational

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3953 words - 16 pages group along with three other children without autism. CMR were completed with all of the children involved during their lunchtime and twice a week. The diagrams were all created around one of the social skills measured, the skills were done one at a time and a new skill would not be taught until the previous one was perfected. The diagram was filled with characteristics of the skill that was decided upon by the children participating. The

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2559 words - 10 pages both cases, to supervise the therapies for 2 to 4 hours very two weeks for the first two years, once a month for the third year and every once in a while when needed for the third year. A teacher with a background on special education would be needed also to deliver the intervention most of the time (20-25 hours a week) along with a speech pathologist to aid and intervene when needed. Again, the same specialists and methods would be used for both

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2329 words - 9 pages therapy in an aquatic environment by a physical therapist” (Dewi & Judarwanto, 2007, p.7). Dewi and Judarwanto (2007) developed and studied an Aquatic Physical Therapy program for young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The ten week study targeted 3 to 5 year old affected children with a target of improving interaction and communication between the child and parent. By the end of the ten weekly pool sessions, the children showed an