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Auto Body Repair Essay

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Auto Body Repair
Imagine you’re driving down the road in your brand new car. Another driver pulls out from a side road and suddenly the whole side of your brand new car is twisted and dented from fender to fender. Most people will be in an automobile accident at some point in their lives and they will require the services of an auto-body repairman. Auto body repair is not only the art of taking damaged vehicles and making them drivable and safe, it is also taking old vehicles or worn out looking vehicles and painting and freshening up their overall appearance.
Pounding metal and fabricating metal in thin sheets and sections that humans need or want has a long history. The discovery of how to make and control fire made extracting metals form or more efficient instead of having to find almost pure nuggets of metal. In many civilizations copper was the metal they used but that was succeeded by bronze eventually it is made of copper and tin.
Most all auto body work is done with relatively easy and simple traditional tools like body hammers and dollies. Bumping is the heavy lifting and most important part of most auto body repair work. The fact remains, bumping is the group of actions that will move metal with the actions of dollies and hammers to push the metal in to just about the final shape.
Metal finishing is the critical part and step in preparing the metal for painting. It happens between the bumping stage when the metal is pried, hammered, pulled, and pushed into shape and the filling stage, when the small defects and details in metal finished surfaces are filled before being painted. Any type of finish is applied over your work weather the it be solvent, powder coated, or plastic it will have an index of reflection and it will reflect any defects in your work to a point that the sanded metal that you see now you couldn’t see before { book one}. Auto paint has only two purposes, it makes the car look good and it protects the underlying metal or synthetic body panels from the harsh environment.
During the past two decades people who own cars have become more demanding in how their paint looks on their cars and the environment has become harder on automotive finishes. There have been dramatic fundamental changes in paint chemistry and applying techniques mandated by the government. Prior to the nineties there weren’t very many laws on pollution that affected the application of automotive finishes at auto body shops throughout the United States.
There are a lot of differences between an OEM painting and an aftermarket painting so this will be on OEM vs. aftermarket paint. The compositions of the paints that come factory are so chemically different from aftermarket paint that your auto body shop buys. Most manufactures usually have two separate automotive divisions for the two types of paint: The OEM (original equipment manufacturers), or OE for short and the refinish (aftermarket) divisions.
Today’s automotive paints are often put into...

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