Autobiography Essay For International College Application

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Personal information and extra-curricular activities
I am good at many fields and have been involved in various kinds of extra-curricular activities. I love to sing and I have been in chorus since third grade in elementary school. I am now in a special class for chorus in Taipei Municiple Zhongshan Girls High School and our chorus has won many awards in different competitions. Besides music, I have also been good at sports since elementary school, when I attended many running events and city wide competitions. Aside from activities in school, I had been a dancer for more than ten years until I decided to focus on the preparation for the Basic Examination for entering high school. I have tried different activities in various fields, which cultivates my ability to learn fast and the ambition to aim high. Aside from this, perseverance is one characteristic of mine. For example, I always go through the process carefully before getting into an experiment. If I find something unusual, I am so willing to spend time thinking and discussing with my friends until I get a reasonable result.
I always want to be an international student because I believe that learning in different surroundings will offer me a chance to explore the world. In order to become one, I have been preparing myself for this upcoming challenge. Long years of studying and paying most of my attention to school work made me wonder whether it is worthwhile to spend so much time on textbooks and became curious about what it is like to study in another country. In 2011, I seized the opportunity provided by my senior high school and became an exchange student in the U.S. . I didn’t fit in perfectly in the beginning, but throughout my exchange year, I had learned to adapt myself. I am now confident enough to say that I am good at adjusting myself to a completely different environment. This is why I believe being an international student in the University of Hong Kong should not be hard for me. Moreover, having spending a year in an English speaking country and studying in a normal high school instead of a language institution, I had overcome the obstacles of learning in a non-native language. In fact, I did well academically in Charles O. Dickerson High School in the U.S.. Aside from academic success, I have also realized that I must work hard so that I can obtain the dream career I have in mind. Last but not least, having an abundance of free time after school during the year in the U.S., I gradually came to realize that I am a person full of curiosity to things happening around me, and that is what motivates me to study and explore.

Chosen curriculum
Three curricula I chose in the application form include the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Science and Education.
Being a biomedical scientist is one career I would love to pursue. The reason the Bachelor of Biomedical Science is my first choice lies in my strong...

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