Aspirations To Achieve My Educational Goals

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After nineteen years of living in a small town named Wasco, known by most for the prison, I moved to Long Beach. I grew up in a strict religion that discouraged questioning and required extreme dedication towards servitude of God. Attending college was discouraged by my parents and the church, as it took away from time spent towards serving God. Living in Wasco was my own prison. Moving to Long Beach meant freedom to me where I was finally able to stretch my constrained, clipped wings. Suddenly, the simplest of questions, for some, such as "What do I want to be?" and "Who am I?" plagued my mind. These answers should be easy to answer and yet, I didn't know the answers. I found myself in the most diverse of cities and my head filled with questions that would spark the most intriguing answers. I learned that who I am encompassed a passion and hunger towards helping others, choosing a major that allowed me to utilize the skills of love, caring, and patience, and an aspiration to achieve my educational goals despite financial hardship.
Many people I spoke with hunger for wealth, social status, fame, even beauty. Imagine the awkward, twisted-face looks I encountered when I spoke of hunger pangs stemming from a craving to help others. For eight years I worked as a waitress. Many of my co-workers hated their job and would remain in the service industry for one maybe two years maximum. I loved my job as a waitress not because it was an easy job, had great managers or because my co-workers were easy to get along with, but because of all the people I was able to help during my shift. Working as a waitress helped me realize that my zeal came from helping people. The hunger to help others is strong and great. My experiences while working at a restaurant helped me understand this aspect of myself and that not only do I want to help people, but that I want to help them for longer than an hour or two and I want to be a part of helping people reach their own goals in life.
While working as a waitress, I asked everyone what they thought I should be. I didn't know what I wanted to be and did not want to walk aimlessly through life without a goal or plan to aspire to. My general manager at the time told me, "you should major in accounting, because the money is good and you will always have a job." This advice seemed rational at the time, so I decided to major in accounting and started taking appropriate courses at LBCC. I then left the restaurant industry to work as an entry-level accountant. It was then that I knew a major in...

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