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Spiritual Formation Autobiography
Although I was technically not born into a Christian family, my parents were saved when I was just age 3 and dedicated their lives to fulltime ministry. At age five I moved with my family to Knoxville, Tennessee to live and serve as missionaries on a church camp. We remained there for a short time before my father heard the call to become a pastor. We moved to Texas where my dad then graduated from seminary. The first church he pastored was where I accepted Christ as my savior and was baptized at age eight. Although this happened at a young age, I know that Jesus saved me and began to work in my life from that point on. In the middle of my third grade year we moved to Grand Prairie, Texas where my dad pastored a church for the next five years. Here I spent my time serving in the nursery and attending every youth event possible. This was home and it was where I believed I was closest to Jesus. However, God began to test my faith in ways I would have never expected.
In February of my eighth grade year, a dear friend of mine passed away in a tragic car accident. He was the first friend I made in youth group and his death definitely took a toll on the church. Shortly after, my father stepped down from his position as pastor, claiming to be mentally unstable to lead a church. A few weeks later my mother served him with divorce papers. Within a matter of months, life changed drastically. I had experienced the loss of a friend and the loss of a complete family and was left with brokenness. When I should have been angry at God the most, he showed me how faithful he was. Jesus was my only hope and stability during this time. Instead of running away from him, he drew me unto himself and gave me joy. Jesus took this trial and began to work in my life in a way that strengthened my faith in him and for that I am grateful.
Throughout high school I regularly attended the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. Pastor Matt Chandler had a big impact on my growth. God used his teaching to guide me through my trials. It was here that I truly felt God’s presence among the church services and where I knew I was being fed the most. Unfortunately the Village was too far of a commute from home for me to be actively involved in a youth group. This is one of my biggest regrets. I wish I would have served in the church more and got back involved in a youth group, instead I used my parents’ divorce as an excuse for a lot of my personal problems. However, God placed loving Christian friends in my life that invited me to a disciple now retreat towards the end of my senior year. The experience I had at...

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Autobiography Essay

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Autobiography Essay

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