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Autobiography Essay

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My mother tells me all the time that I was a very calm baby and never bothered her too much by kicking and throwing a tantrum. My parents where working in Saudi Arabia at the time and decided to go India so that my mom would be in the comfort of our families. My mother worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia and my father worked at a technical company that made refrigerators and air conditioning units. They both got a few months off as a vacation so that they could go through the pregnancy process peacefully. Jolly Sebastian and Shaji John are my parents. They both boarded the plane and had to request an emergency landing, because I was being born. I was blessed to have good parents that really ...view middle of the document...

Even though he is much older than me I still consider him one of my best friends. My grandmother and grandfather also pampered me and treated me like I was the chosen one.

My grandmother was always very protective of me, because my parents had made me her responsibility when they left. She always made sure I got the best of everything, even though they weren't wealthy they sacrificed many things so that I could get things I wanted. Food was always one of my favorite things as a child, chicken has always been my favorite food. I used to eat it every day and became a very stocky two year old. My grandparents decided to buy some chickens to have a chicken farm. This allowed them to have a steady income, while having a source of food. My uncle owned a lot of land and he grew rubber trees. The rubber from the trees allowed him to have a steady income for the household since he was not married yet.
I was tagging along with my grandmother and annoying her in every way possible on many days. I've been told that I was also a very loving child and when I was two years old and never let anybody argue or stay mad at me for very long. I was also a very faithful child and took part in the daily evening prayers and said the prayers along with the rest of the family. The “our father” and the “hail Mary’s” were my go-to prayers to get me through my troubles.

In 1998 I turned three years old and my cousin and I were playing in the front yard near a ledge. I tripped over a rock and almost fell over the ledge into the sharp thorns at the bottom of the tree, but I held on to the bushes and made sure that I held on until someone heard my cousin screaming and helped me up. My grandparents both came running as they heard my cousin screaming about me falling over the ledge. He was two years older than me but in desperation he couldn't help me up from the bushes. I was saved, but I believe that it was a near death situation and if I didn't hold on at the right moment I could have died.
This year was the first time I had a huge birthday party, many of my relatives showed up and covered me in presents. At the time I did not understand what a birthday party was or why everyone was giving me all these things. I loved it and thought to myself that it should be like this everyday of my life. That did not turn out well because nobody was going to give me presents everyday, I threw a tantrum everyday for a few weeks, because I wasn't getting the numerous amounts of presents daily. I wouldn't brush my teeth, eat my food, pray or anything else that mattered until I got more presents. Eventually I got over it and went back to being a good kid. This was my first experience with reality, and I realized that you had to work hard to get the things that you wanted.

In 1999, my parents came to take me back to Saudi Arabia. I was not used to being around my parents, because I was always around my grandparents and my uncle...

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