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To a life of wonderful accomplishment’s and fulfilled joy. Let’s hope it stays this way and everybody can live a good and happy life. I was born May 29, 1990. The start of a new era. Unlike most kids that are born healthy weighing 6 pounds or more, I was not so lucky. When I was born at 5.02 pm I came in weighing at 4 pounds and 1 ounce. For the next two months I spent my life in a little plastic box due to the fact my heart and other things have not fully developed. This is what I have been told. I assume that my life from ages 1 to 4 were good because I do not remember any of that part of childhood. I however do remember the first time I started kindergarten having a lot of problem doing assignments and listing to the teacher. Well after a few test at the doctor, it turns out that I was born with a sever hearing loss. At that time technology was not up to par with today’s technology. With hearing aids at that time being so big that it felt like you were wearing a cap on your ear that weighed like a brick. Through kintergardgen through about fourth grade I was constantly made fun of. It gets even worse as soon as I get to fifth grade. With technology advancing and new hearing ads coming out, the new one I got had an antenna sticking out of it. This was even more embarrassing and more noticeable. Again I countied to get made fun of. As soon as I hit high school my life changed for, only I thought it did. I must say that I am blessed to having loving parents and no concerns about money. I was eating g every night and had a roof over my head. My freshman year I made the baseball team and we won first in the state that year. My second year there year I made varsity as a sophomore which was really good cause Athens drive was always know to be a baseball school. We had the famous Josh Hamilton come to our school and enter the draft as a first round pick. But as my tenth grade year got under way things began to fail. Things began to change quickly. My Mom and dad were going through a divorce. My mom who has been working for the department of revenue for 26 years quit for no reason. I noticed that things were changing for her. Me and her have never argued with each other until now. We would fight like crazy to the point where I would get kicked out the house. So with all of these events going on I started to let my school work slack. That fall semester I ended up missing almost 30 some days of school and ended up failing all four classes. Soon I started to realize that there was something going on with my with my mom. There where nights where she would sit in the living room and go through paper work and when I woke up to go to school she would still be there sitting in her chair going through paper. When you tried to talk to her she would look at you like she seen a ghost. She would randomly say that there are people living in the attic and she believed that people where stealing stuff in the attic and going through her paper work. At the time of...

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Autobiography Essay

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