Automatic Weapon Ban Essay

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Automatic Weapon Ban
July 20th, 2012, twelve are killed and fifty-eight are injured at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. The man who killed them used a semi-automatic rifle with a one hundred round magazine. An automatic weapon has no use in the United States because all sporting events, and activities with guns can be accomplished without automatic weapons. It is important because it limits the possibilities of events like the shooting at the Sandusky school in Ohio. Some would say they are a good for shooting range activity and most people don’t commit crimes with them, getting rid of automatic weapons would get rid of the crimes committed with them overall. People die because of the ...view middle of the document...

It is too easy to get a hold of an automatic weapon for citizens who may be psychologically unstable. Josh Richman wrote, “After a man in Australia killed 35 and wounded 23, Australia banned automatic rifles. Ten years later the homicide rate fell by 59 percent and the suicide rate fell by 65 percent” (web). Getting rid of guns that are not used in recreational activities will help stop crimes with guns. These guns are weapons of war, not weapons for citizens to have control of and be able to carry around wherever they want.
The United States has a rising economy. Even though the US is in debt, when checking the national debt, the rate at which the debt has been going up has decreased and over time if it stays on the same course, will start going positive. Zach Toombs wrote, “The State Department's Military Assistance Report on June 8 stated that it approved $44.28 billion in arms shipments to 173 nations” (web).The guns bought from americans can be sold to other countries to make a back some of the money spent for compensating americans. The US already sells weapons to other countries, why not sell them simple weapons that they could use for their military.
Citizens can still own and use guns, the ban is against assault weapons. The US is not in a civil war, why should people need to own guns made for killing others. Baughman said, “In 1993, Lorcin manufactured 341,000 guns and i 1996, they manufactured 87,000 guns. The number of violent gun crimes in the US declined by 20 percent” (web). It is obvious that getting rid of guns will decrease the number of crimes committed and the lethality of the crimes. The Second Amendment may give citizens the right to own weapons, but not the right to kill people. If they are going to use their right to own weapons as a way to kill people, then there should be limits on the types of weapons they can own.
The ban is against any gun that is automatic to a degree which include semi-automatic and automatic weapons. Josh Richman wrote, "Semi-automatic weapons, which feed the next round into the chamber as the empty cartridge is ejected, require a separate pull of the trigger for each bullet. Fully automatic weapons keep firing as long as the trigger is held down" (web). The ban is not against guns that hold more than one bullet. A gun can hold more than one bullet and not be semi-automatic or automatic. Bolt action rifles, which requires someone to eject the shell of the bullet and load a new one by pulling back a bolt on the gun, can hold more than one bullet but doesn’t not load a round when the trigger is pulled. The same is for pump action shotguns, a person could still defend themselves because if they miss, they can just load another bullet by pumping the forestock. At Gander Mountain the price for a semi-automatic weapon is one thousand dollars while a shotgun can be bought at Cabela’s for 400 hundred dollars.
The fact...

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