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2014 Lexus GS
I-Determine strategic Objectives:
Segmentation: Large Luxury car, Competition: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW 535i M Sport.
Positioning: They are trying to positioning themselves as being better than the German car models.
Target Audience: Success working class people, ages from 28 to 40, men. People who want to live their luxuriously and adventurous life.
Main product features: 306 horsepower, 3.5l V6 engine, and sport-tuned suspension.
Consumer Benefits: Flexibility with style and luxury.
II- Review Execution:
Body Copy: “Horsepower is just the beginning. The Lexus GS F SPORT features a standard ...view middle of the document...

It also establishes itself as being new, luxurious, and modern as well. They are also trying to positioning itself to another level, further from their competitors.

2014 The ALL-New Toyota Highlander
I: Determine Strategic Objective:
Segmentation: Toyota’s Mid- Size SUV, Competition: Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Dodge Durango.
Positioning: Its positions itself as versatile and fun.
Target Audience: Blue color workers, both men and women, from the age of 25-38.
Main Product Features: A panoramic moon roof and 19-inch Chromtec alloy wheels.
Consumer Benefits: Flexibility and a smooth ride with plenty of opportunities.
II: Review Execution:
Headline: “Plenty of room for Style. No Room for Boring.” Which I think its emphasis itselves as being new and stylish.
Tagline: Toyota “Let’s Go Places” Which I believe it is conveying the feeling of excitements of going places and seeking new adventurous places.
Logo: Toyota three overlapping ellipses
Visual: The ad is every well presented. The All-New Toyota Highlander is standing in the middle of the ad with cartoon animations sitting on it. The moon light shines on its headlight which I think it emphasis the new and refined, The ALL-New Toyota Highlander. Also, the ad is comprehensive enough to understand.
Layout: One page ad. The ad features in a nice silence night with the moon in its background to emphasis the availability of a panoramic moon roof. The cartoon animations are playing instruments and are seem to enjoy it. The car itself is nicely put in the middle of the ad to emphasis its presence, which I think it’s every clever.
Typography: The ad is coveys the feeling of flexibility of the car and with excitements and enjoyment.
I believe that this ad is trying to tell us that The All-New Toyota Highlander, is a car model with many opportunities. With its versatility, everything is possible with the ALL-New-Toyota Highlander. With its headline as “Plenty of room for style. No Room for Boring” in bold on top of the ad and with white letter on top, another color on the bottom, and with a dark moonlight on its background, stand out and speaks on their target audience and grab their attention, if you want excitement, The ALL-New Toyota Highlander is your choice. The tagline “Let’s Go Places” says it all, with the 2014 The All-New Toyota Highlander, you can enjoy new places and seeking adventurous lifestyle.

Matt Mon
Automobile Assignment
Professor Basch
2014 Lexus GS
I-Determine strategic Objectives:
Segmentation: Large Luxury car, Competition: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW 535i M Sport.
Positioning: They are trying to positioning themselves as being better than the German car models.
Target Audience: Success working class people, ages from 28 to 40, men. People who want to live their luxuriously and adventurous life.
Main product features: 306 horsepower, 3.5l V6 engine, and sport-tuned suspension.
Consumer Benefits: Flexibility...

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