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Q2:From the flow chart and tables in part1 we simply understand that too many products entering to the system and require the same machines which there are not enough machines available and this is a practical.Q3:There are some wastes in the system. To improve the system we have to do some changes in that.1: waiting:Considering the manufacturing of product A, B I found out there is a delay in the Jig bore for product A and it has to wait for product B to finish the process for 0.85 hourAnd after that there is another delay for setting up the machine for next product which is 5 hours. We have queue time for most of the processes which cause delay in manufacturing the product. To avoid this we can add some more machines to bring down the queue time so next product which come in instead of waiting in queue it can go to another machine which is free.There is another possibility to reduce the delay time without any additional resources:How does a part identify itself as ready to be worked on? How does the appropriate machine "know" how to signal its availability? How does the part "know" where to go when it gets that signal? Therefore if a machine is available the part does not have to wait - it goes to the first available machine.2: Transportation:Transportation is another waste occurred in our system. There is a big distance between stores and line side of manufacturing which cause delay and increase the cost of manufacturing.Transporting product between processes is a cost incursion which adds no value to the product. Excessive movement and handling cause damage and are an opportunity for quality to deteriorate. Material handlers must be...

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1745 words - 7 pages of our trading partners have dropped, many developing countries continue to protect their industries with high tariffs. These countries also frequently impose nontariff measures, such as licensing requirements, quotas, unreasonable standards, and testing restrictions. U.S. tariffs on automotive and automotive materials are generally considered to be low relative to those of most other countries. Many important automotive materials can enter the

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1695 words - 7 pages Introduction Throughout the world there are numerous automotive manufacturers. Appendix A is a list of 215 that can be found on the Wikipedia Website titled List of current automobile manufacturers (alphabetical). (List of current automobile manufacturers (alphabetical)) Due to the restricted amount of time available of information on manufacturers, and the restricted amount of time available for this paper, research was limited to only the

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893 words - 4 pages of these batteries are purchased per year . These are typically single-use alkaline batteries. They are mainly used for flashlights, toys, remote controls, and clocks. The batteries in these appliances are replaced quite frequently and most of the time are thrown in the trash instead of being recycled. The #1 recycled battery is the Lead-acid automotive battery at a 98% recycle rate. Because of state law lead-acid automotive battery retailers

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2404 words - 10 pages cited in Liu, Deng & Li). Moreover, Japanese automotive companies divided materials and components into different kinds and recycle them upon their different characteristics to reduce pollution to habitat at minimum.3.3 The difference strategies effects on habitat in Japan and ChinaAlthough both countries suggest efficient ways to protect habitat significant, flaws and damages existed. For example, according to Wang (2012) and Kato, traditional

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1702 words - 7 pages Related and Supporting Industries: With more than 7,500 small and medium sized companies, the Chinese automotive supplier market is still very fragmented ( China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), 2007). About 70% of the world’s top 100 automotive suppliers have subsidiaries in China, with dispersed activities in this huge country, as most of the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have developed their own supplier network

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566 words - 2 pages today, there may be a category for a mid-life crisis in there.Automotive engineers design, test and develop vehicles or components from concept stage all the way to the production and are involved in improving the Automobile in response to customer feedback once on the market. Specializing in areas like aerodynamics, alternative fuels, chassis, electronics, emissions, manufacturing, materials, rapid prototyping, vehicle and pedestrian safety or

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2026 words - 8 pages product due to rising costs in materials. PPI influences the automotive industry on three levels; crude materials, intermediate goods, and finished goods. The crude materials; such as rubber, fiberglass, glass, plastic, and fabric; cost the automotive makers money to the manufacturers of these materials and are priced according to the PPI. The intermediate goods; such as electronics, tires, engines, and other molded products which go into

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3410 words - 14 pages colourful design on packages could be used to draw attention to the brand name whilst in no way deterring the functional performance.5.4Marketing FocusHistorically the focus for marketing effort has been on automotive manufacturers and the trade distributor routes by which they purchase raw materials, parts and ancillaries. Once this market is entered and materials specified it generates high volume sales. However, as the technicalities of colour

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2076 words - 8 pages 2 (1) • P.E. Fortin, Aluminium materials and processes for automotive heat exchangers applications, SAE Paper 85228, 1985 (1997) • C. Lahaye, J. Bottema, P. De Smet, P. Jonason, T. Hakansson,A. Olofsson, Improved AA5182 aluminium alloy as a preferred choice for critical forming operations, in: Conf. Proc. IBEC’99,SAE Technical Paper Series 1999-01-3173, 1999.

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890 words - 4 pages as sub-frame connectors. You can also use GMAW to repair fractured or rusted suspension parts such as radius arms and brackets. Depending on your material type and thickness GMAW can be a very good choice of welding style. It has a wide variety of materials it can be used with and get in a lot of tight spots easier than other types of welding. To this day the GMAW is one of the most favorable welding types especially in industry subjected jobs, the automotive industry for example.


4412 words - 18 pages Analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation By: Thembani Nkomo This paper will explore the external and internal environment of Toyota Motor Corporation, and suggest recommendations to sustain its competitive advantage. Analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation by Thembani Nkomo ANALYISIS OF TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 COMPANY OVERVIEW 2 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY 2.1 Industry Overview and Analysis 2.2 Industry Life

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1551 words - 6 pages meeting between the CEO and managers of each department on work related issues. The CEO would sometimes require reports based on his needs. SYSTEM OF PRODUCTION (KANBAN SYSTEM) - The company only produces automotive parts that are required by the customers, meaning the company does not have stockpile of inventories. The automotive industries also operate in accordance with the Kanban system. The materials manager's role - 1) to ensure that

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3485 words - 14 pages components. Three different strategies that could be beneficial for the automotive industry are outsourcing, comparative advantage, and supply chain.Outsourcing is one option that is open to the automotive industry. An estimated 22 percent of the world's gross domestic product consists of raw materials, components, and subassemblies. Reducing the cost of these materials and making the procurement process more efficient can have a substantial effect