Automotive/ Moto Performance Garage (Apg) Essay

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Mission Statement:
This business is going to the top of the market because everyone needs a 24hr garage like mine. People will greatly appreciate that this is not just a job as well that its not a common garage. This has always been a very strong passion that I love to do and so will anyone who will work in the Garage. My garage will provide the best service and parts as best as we can do, treat every vehicle like our own.

Now, who doesn’t enjoy making something that is already great, even greater? For me, it’s not about making something perfect or better than someone else; it’s about doing my own best and creating something that satisfies me. That is why my customers are number one, literally. They’ll be able to choose the brand of parts they would like and size. I will just provide my service at incredible affordable prices for anyone to be able to enjoy the luxuries of their automobiles, as much as I enjoy turning daily drivers into your own custom nascar-like auto. The Garage will be open and welcoming happy people at any times of the day because we all have our duties we have to attend to, so I’ll try my best to make it easier on my customers to get what they want when they can. APG will be family oriented simply because I am a family man, and customers would be more comfortable around friendlier/ similar people. This is a passion, not just a job that’s bringing in an income, it’s to bring people together who enjoy the same thing but can’t afford it or having hard times because they have no idea about their cars/ moto. We will start with only a small variety of performance parts for the general cars and sport bikes we see on a daily basis to keep a controlled and professionally organized inventory. The Garage will be the place to go to when anyone wants the perfect performance parts for their vehicle, making something that you want, is extremely fun and satisfying. That’s the point of the Garage to have fun and make something fun to enjoy on our spare time or take it somewhere to legally try out your new parts on your vehicle. Nothing beats the satisfaction of looking at your own creation; I just eliminate the long exhausting process of proper installation. Installing them is a big part of the accomplishment but not everyone has the ability or tools to do so, you’ll be able to watch them be...

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