Automotive Technician Needing Computer Based Training

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Like nearly every other professional today, automotive technicians need to be comfortable with computer-based equipment. Cars are more computerized than ever before. It takes more than just mechanical know-how and the turning of a wrench to become a certified automotive technician. Experienced technicians can work anywhere in the country along with the right mindset and attitude.

Irrefutably the more educated you are, the better your opportunities are to find employment. You will also learn that most of what you need to know will be from doing hands on work, like working in the shop, or watching others do it hands on. As with everything, it starts with a high school diploma. If you do not have at least a high school diploma, not too many employers will hire you to work and represent their company. The more training you have, the more marketable you will be to the employers (Auto Mechanic). Next step up the ladder would be to attend a community college, technical institute, post-secondary trade schools, or AYES (Automotive Youth Education Systems). The AYES program is a new approach to hiring and training automotive technicians. It is a partnership of highs schools and colleges with dealers all around the country to fulfill the many open service positions by preparing students for entry level positions at dealerships. (Gater) One of the major benefits of this program is you get real life work experience by listening to customers and working on their cars, with a mentor by your side, and you get to have an 8 week paid summer.

The next step in the education process is to get your certificates and get certified. This is the number one part that sets one person aside from another. There are on average 6 million new automotive technicians per year (Orr 8). Jobs give preference to certified technicians. The most common certification is the ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). In the late 1960’s, this career was under a lot of scrutiny, people were choosing the wrong mechanics because the mechanic said they were good certified mechanics, thus resulting in customers making the wrong choice. Since there was no official way of distinguishing which were the well trained mechanics or the ones that were poorly trained mechanics, it caused a lot of people to start complaining to congress. Anyone out there with a toolbox could put a sign up saying that he or she was a well-trained certified mechanic, but which ones could we trust? (Orr 28) Before you can start thinking about becoming ASE certified, you must have worked two years in the field or worked one year with an accredited training program. The ASE test is split up into eight different categories, and those include; Heating and Air Conditioning, Suspension and Steering, Brake Systems, Engine Repair, Electrical Systems, Engine Performance, Manual Drive Train and Axles, and Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles. To...

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