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Autonomous Sar Robots Necessary For Natural Disasters

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Introduction and Overview
Disastrous nature such as earthquake, flooding, or tornados gives a big impact to the affected area. These kinds of catastrophe cause another disaster such a landslide or collapsed building that may claim many lives. During this critical situation, people especially police, fire department are deployed in search and rescue mission to save countless life and of course under the circumstance their well being are put on high risk and expose to danger. Hence, the robot are build to replace human when it comes to difficult task and involving in critical situation neither human or tools can do. They are variety types of robot are build to do the different tasks depends on their specialty. For example the search and rescue (SAR) robot are designed to assist human to search and rescue victims in urban disaster. According to Burion (2004) this autonomous robot must be able to helps rescuers to determine the location, condition of the victims by having the different sensor ability to operate under condition with many unknown parameter. SAR robot can be either semi-autonomous or fully autonomous. System that is autonomous is a type of system that independent in making a decision for itself (Fisher, Dennis & Webster, 2013).
Methodologies in system
The important of manufacture the robot with autonomous ability is to increase the reliability and effectiveness of the system used in SAR mission. The main tasks of the autonomous robot perform are mapping capabilities, navigating and finding victims (Bahadori et al., n.d).
Mapping capabilities: Capable to generate map of the affected area to determine the location of the victims.
Navigating: Robot is moving to explore the affected area including identify the possible obstacles, possible number of victims under the wreckage, and sometime it does navigating due to incomplete map.
Victim detection: Detect the victim and describe their shape, heat, motion etc. and report the location of the victim.


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