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Autonomy And Freedom: How Does Decision Making Effect

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The notion of decision-making is not really about choosing well; rather, it is about choosing the best and thereby, making the right choice (Schwartz, 2004). In addition, most decisions consist of different aspects. In Schwartz (2004), it was mentioned that the official dogma of the concept choice is that more choices lead to more freedom. Thus, when there are more choices to choose from, it would enable individuals to have more freedom and autonomy, therefore, choosing the best choice out of all possible choices (Roets, Schwartz & Guan, 2012). Although more choices allows for a “better” decision logically, in that more choices would increase the probability of a more satisfying decision, that may not be for the best. Altogether, when presented with a limited number of choices as compared to extensive choices, individuals find it easier to make a decision. Therefore, extensive choices do not necessary lead to autonomy and freedom.
In situations whereby the number of options multiplies, it positively correlates to the expectation of the object being decided upon (Schwartz, 2004). Often, the problem arises when an individual is given too many options to choose from; therefore, expectations increase as comparison sets in as the individual compares what he/she has, to what is expected of it. This added effort to compare, which is required for good decision-making, could be one of the reasons why decision-making is not managed effectively (Schwartz, 2004). For instance, when purchasing an electronic gadget, individuals will expect that the chosen choice would be the best out of all choices; further, the individual may develop the mindset of the gadget having to consist of high specifications, the latest technology and a stylish appearance. This comparison between what is expected of the product to what ends up being purchased is often the reason why an individual is dissatisfied with the product after purchasing it. Moreover, people’s mindset can influence the way they evaluate options and make decisions (Bhanji & Beer, 2012).
Decision-making can become difficult when options given are increased (Schwartz, 2004). When an individual is at the diary product section of a supermarket, by having a wide range of variety of processed cheese would turn decision-making into a difficult task; as, the individual will have difficulty choosing on which brand of processed cheese to purchase. In addition, collecting all relevant and complete information of the product can be very labor-intensive which makes it harder to settle for a decision. Thus, the above example shows that though it is contradictory to think that with many choices providing a variety to choose from is not necessarily something good, which is not the main problem. What really is the problem is that having too many choices actually paralyzes individuals and lead to disappointment rather than a sense of freedom and pleasure (Schwartz, 2004).
In summary, the problem is that extensive amount of...

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