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Avatar And Chapter 12 Essay

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There are countless similarities as well as differences between chapter 12 of “Creating America: A History of the United States” by McDougal Littell and the movie “Avatar”. Among the topics of “Avatar” and chapter 12 that share similarities and differences is why the whites wanted the Native American’s land, and why the humans wanted the land of the Na’vi people. Also, how the Natives tried to adjust. Furthermore, how the natives resisted. These are just a few examples of many that show both how different and at the same time how similar “Avatar” is to chapter 12.
In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act which stated that the government must negotiate treaties with the Native Americans, that would require them to relocate west. At first, the Native Americans resisted in signing the treaties, but eventually there were so many white settlers that had invaded their homeland, that the Native Americans were outnumbered. Some saw no other choice than to exchange their land for land in the West, so they agreed and signed the treaties. A majority of the Cherokees however, opposed the treaties, and Jackson refused to negotiate. Similarly, in the movie “Avatar”, the humans claim that they will gain the trust of the native people, the Na’vi. Once they have gained their trust, they will convince the Na’vi people to move to another area. If the Na’vi refuse however, they will use force to get them to move. Although unlike the white settlers and the Native Americans, there wasn’t a treaty given for the Na’vi to sign. Also, in the movie “Avatar”, not a single Na’vi member gives up and relocates. They unite together as a whole, each and every one of them fighting together until the end.
An astounding number of about 16,000 Cherokees were gathered and involuntarily placed into camps when they refused to sign the treaties. Then, they were forced to travel in the fall and winter of 1838 to 1839 for hundreds of miles in the rain and snow. Many became very weak and ill. A substantial amount of one fourth of the people died on this long harsh journey known as The Trail of Tears. Likewise, when the Na’vi refused to leave and instead wanted to fight, the humans forced them to. They did this by setting Hometree on fire and using deadly gas to force them out. Like the Cherokees, an immense number of their people were killed trying to escape.
There was of course a reason why the whites wanted to take the land from the Native Americans and why the humans wanted to take the land from the Na’vi. Gold, which is of course very valuable, was discovered on Cherokee land in 1828. Now, not only did the settlers want this land, but the miners did as well. This caused a greater demand for the Cherokee’s land than ever before. It is similar in the movie “Avatar”. The humans are relentless, and will stop at nothing to take the land from the Na’vi people. They want the land for mining a very profitable mineral, that can be worth up to $40 million per kilogram, called...

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