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In the beginning of the 1900’s the invention of the airplane was becoming more and more popular. People around the world were experimenting with different types of aircraft. With all the aircraft that were being invented people started creating places to land these aircraft and so they started making airfields. One of the very first airfields that was available to pilots to land on was on Governors Island. Governors Island is located in Upper New York Bay and has 172 acres of land on it. Looking back in the past of Governors Island we see how Wilbur Wright and Glenn Curtiss first start the idea of Governors Island becoming an airfield. As we become more familiar with the past we will also see how the airfield was used as a training facility and then became a military base. We will also talk about the present how the airfield was used for the coast guard up until 1996 and now how construction is taking place as we speak for a future park that will open in May of 2014. To understand Governors Island we need to look at the past, the present and future of governor island then we can get a better grasp on what the airfield was like and will be later on in the future.
On October 4th 1909 Wilbur Wright was one of the first pilots who started landing on Governors Island. “Wilbur Wright made a demonstration flight, on 4 October 1909, along the Hudson River from governor’s island in New York harbor to president grant’s tomb and back, witnessed by over a million spectators.” (r.g grant) Wilbur Wright tried to win 15’000 dollars for flying more than 10 miles but fell short.After Wilbur Wright tried to win 15,000 dollars promised by organizers Glenn Curtis was offered 10,000 dollars to complete a flight from Albany to Governors Island. So on May 29, 1910 Glenn Curtiss landed on Governors Island with an airplane named the “Albany flyer”. “Glenn Curtiss landed on the Island to complete his flight from Albany and win a $10,000 prize offered by Joseph Pulitzer”. In May 1916 to March 1917 Governors Island was used as an aviation training center with permission from Major General Leonard Wood. “Just prior to the United States entrance in World War I, governors island was home to an aviation center organized by civilians to promote military aviation” when World War I started the aviation school was closed but was still being used for the planes during World War I and World War II. During war world I and World War II the airfield provided supplies for the Air Forces which was a very important...

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