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Avoiding Computer Fraud In An Age Of Technology

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Incorporation of higher security could encompass measures such as requiring multiple passwords to access a restricted network or requiring two individuals to provide their credentials for authentication before a major payment or receivable transaction can be recorded. These are just some of many potential changes that could be made, although implementation of measures depends solely on each organization’s needs and systems. But whatever changes are made, they will usually affect the organization’s accounting information system. With more and more organizations relying on technology to run their systems, incorporating new internal controls will most definitely affect details of that system. ...view middle of the document...

This is not just frustrating to the employee, and consumes more time to get work done; it is a good example of where the cost may outweigh the benefits for the company, if they choose to continue with this internal control. Again, each company has different weaknesses and loopholes that need to be filled in, to dissuade computer fraud from occurring, so it is just a matter of finding the best fit. Since computer fraud can also occur via an external perpetrator, it is important that organizations always have some sort of fraud detection software installed in their systems. It can also help a company narrow down whether the pressure is internal or external, so they know where to better improve on internal controls.
Implementation of measures to prevent and detect computer fraud is quite useful, but if computer fraud on the global level is ever going to be reduced, factors to deter future computer fraud will need to take place. To begin with, computer fraud will need to be thoroughly reported without exception. Currently, there are only estimates to the rate of computer fraud that occurs globally, but the actual rate should be higher, since it is anticipated that there are many unreported cases of computer fraud. A solution cannot begin to be developed if there are not sufficient examples of the various issues to deal with. As...

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