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In today society, different media types are used more frequently than everyday chore. The average American spends five hours a day watching television overall eight hours a day per household. Drivers spend about six hours per day listening to radio averaging seven hundred and fifty hours a year listening to music or news/talk radio. Like radio people listen to music on their portable devices while exercising, walking, or studying. Individuals that love to read spend their spare time to reading magazines, newspaper, or books. Like magazines, new media covers all of media which attracts people from different age groups. New media is constantly being use on a daily basis especially social media. Social media gives people access to communicate with others around the world. With twenty four hours in a day and eight hours being the average sleep time people spend most of their day consuming media. People have experience hours and days without television, music, and film, but not all media. If everyone in the world went a day avoiding all types of media, how would it affect their attitudes, beliefs, and values? In this project, I avoided all types of media including video games and mobile devices. Although this experience was very challenging, I learned that avoiding the media keeps me focus on responsibilities and physically associating myself with friends.
Going a day without media was very long and disconnected from the world. Since I chose to avoid the media on Thanksgiving, I wasn’t able to watch the Thanksgiving Parade, which puts in the holiday mood. Waking up not being able to watch the Thanksgiving Parade felt like watching up to another day. That morning I felt disconnected from the world because every

morning I check my Instagram and look up different articles about celebrities on Bossip.com. I slept better with the television off. I did get a lot of house work done. I did my laundry, washed my hair, and exercise for an hour. I help my aunt with the Thanksgiving dinner and set the table. When my family arrived, we all chatted in the living room and ate the Thanksgiving dinner. I was frustrated without being able to watch television, playing video games, or listen to music. The day before I started avoiding the media I’ve gotten far in The Sims 3, so to not get even farther made the project difficult. Before avoiding the media, I belief that I was able to function better with the television on and the music playing. Then I realize that I was more focus when I was avoiding the media.
I felt relief when I was able to use the media again. I felt like I was holding my breath throughout my time without media and I was breathe when it was over. The first type of media, I went on Bossip.com and MediaTakeOut.com to read celebrity gossip. Then I went on HipHopEarly.com to listen to the new songs that came out the current day and the day before. I...

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