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Hamzah KhanWas Diefenbaker Justified in the Cancellation of the Avro Arrow?The highlights of Canada's Aviation industry were in the 1950s when the A.V Roe Company created the stellar Avro Arrow. It was the pride of Canada's, and they loved it and cherished it. The CF-105 Arrow was all that was needed and more in a Supersonic jet interceptor. It was the aircraft that would allow us to compete with other Aviation giants in the world in that time period. Then, on February 20th, 1959, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker of the Progressive Conservative party cancelled the Ambitious Avro Arrow, due to "Tremendous costs." This is known Canada-wide as black Friday. The Arrow was the pride of Canadians at the time, and the cancellation of the Arrow crippled the hearts of Canadians. The ambitious CF-105 Arrow should not have been cancelled because of its groundbreaking and flawless design; some of the technology used in it is still used today. Secondly, the promise of Canada's aviation industry was great at the time of the Arrow, as was the economy of Canada. However, with the cancellation of the promising aircraft, Canada's economy suffered huge blows, and the potential to Canada's Aviation industry was slowed. Finally, the CF-105 Arrow would still be in the interests of the Aviation industry if it had not been cancelled.The Avro Arrow was indeed by far the most advanced aircraft of its time due to its technological capabilities. In 1957, when the Arrow was first flown, the only aircraft that defeated the Arrow was the Russian MiG, in 1983 (26 years later). The technological capabilities of the Avro Arrow surpassed that of any of its rivals at the time. It was able to climb over sixty-thousand feet and carry six to eight missiles at a time (Hobson, 2013). Furthermore, it used a system called "Active Homing Radar," which meant that missiles fired at targets would home in on them automatically. The Missiles used by the Arrow were the Sparrow II and III, both of which are still in active use today as well as the Active Homing Radar. Though it was not meant to be used for fly-by-wire performance, the Avro Arrow had the most advanced Automatic Flight Control Systems (AFCS) in its time, and still was safer than any other of the AFCS in its time. It was designed for patrols of Canada's landscape, for at the time Canada was in fear of a Soviet attack over the North Pole (Martin, 2005). Lastly, the creation of the Avro Arrow was unique to that of its competition, such as the Lockheed Martin, or the Bomarc. It used a special mechanism called "Delta Wings," that allowed it to have more space for fuel and had the capability of softer and safer landings yet faster speeds. Indeed the CF-105 Arrow had great technological capabilities, and that could have placed the prestigious Arrow in the Aeronautics spotlight, while setting the stage for more Canadian aircrafts to come (Shaw, 1999).Secondly, the cancellation of the Avro Arrow crippled Canada's economy and its rise to the...

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528 words - 2 pages The Avro ArrowThe Avro Arrow is one of the best achievements in Canadian history Andnever should have been canceled.The delta wing Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was never allowed to go on itsfirst mission. Its role was to replace the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck as asupersonic all weather interceptor. A source of national pride, the Arrowincorporated advanced technical innovations and became a symbol of Canadianexcellence.The CF-105 Avro Arrow was built

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2277 words - 9 pages the Canadian dollar was not on par with the American dollar and Canadians did not like to be in this position. The next event that Diefenbaker would be scrutinized heavily for is the cancellation of the Avro Arrow airplane. The Avro Arrow was a top of the line fighter plane that the Canadian government was involved in creating and manufacturing. The plane’s cost was between 3.5 – 5 million to build which was considered a considerable sum by

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1247 words - 5 pages things during their terms, as well as the blunders made during those terms. Diefenbaker cancelled the Avro Arrow program, a Canadian space/jet program that would have launched many opportunities for Canada industrially and militarily. Finances again, played a part in this decision, as well as the lack of confidence Diefenbaker had in his decisions. Trudeau on the other hand, fully backed the decisions he made, as evidenced by the enacting of the War

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