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Awareness Of Body Image Across The Ages

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Habitually it seem as if only young girls are affected most flagrantly by the media in the United States. This is perpetuated by a fixation with youth and good looks. However, all age groups are effected by theses visual projections including women and men.
Awareness of body image and what is considered good-looking has been molded throughout the ages. Culture is momentous as to what that image appears to be and what is sought after. For illustration study the feet binding that used to occur throughout China. “Walking on bound feet necessitated bending the knees slightly and swaying to maintain proper movement and balance, a dainty walk that was also considered erotic to men.” (Janell ...view middle of the document...

For example, cogitate all the magazines that people are exposed to. The majority of these magazines target teenagers and older women a well. Frequently these magazines contain conflicting messages encouraging self-confidence, yet air brush their models. People become delusional because of this. Reason being, they fail to recognize that these models are air brushed and fully equipped with an expert hair stylist and make-up team. Anybody would be super attractive with those handy. Considering these factors it is no marvel why they look like perfection. Women gaze at these magazines and question why they do not look like that, and often obsess about how to look like that. This brings in enormous amounts of money for the beauty industry which was the plan all along. As long as people sit idly by and do not speak up it will continue. There are a few changes being made currently though thanks to a few activists. For example, the clothing store Aeire no longer photo shops their models. Also, because teen activist Julia Bluhm petitioned Seventeen magazine they decided to no longer air brush their models. If more people stand up we could give people of all age groups and genders a realistic view of a human being. We all have flaws, and completely getting rid of them takes the human aspect away from a picture.
Youth is utilized by the media as being extremely desirable. One wonders how this idea effects older people. It basically devaluates older men and women. This fact speaks volumes because it creates a voice which states that if one isn’t young and beautiful that they are of little worth. Reality TV shows are a pristine example. One may argue that these are simply for entertainment and are not meant to have a message. Conversely I believe there is an unconscious message whether one accepts it as true or not. Consider the dreadful TV show Bad Girls Club. The message that could be taken from it is that it is irrelevant if one is a terrible human being as long as one looks hot. Another example of a TV show that effects body image is America’s Next Top Model. While I personally actually adore this show it is still publicizing the impression that one has to be extremely thin, young, and rather tall in order to be attractive. According to the CDC the size of the average adult woman is 166.6 and 5.3166667 feet. Considering this the modeling industry’s standard seems rather silly and once again unattainable for the average woman. Another way in which perception is skewed is that the industry seeks out very young models starting at age thirteen who happen to be exceptionally tall...

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