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When you go to the food market, there are millions of different kinds of food infront of your eyes and you are confused which item you want to buy today. Have youever thought about some people's lack of money and they can't feed their familytoday? When you go to a restaurant, there is too much food and you can't finish it.Have you ever thought about some people holding the empty plate and standing onthe side of the street? When you complain the food is not tasty, not your favorite, andthen throw it to the crash can, have you ever thought about some people who are ill orweak because of not eating enough food and becoming malnourished and stunted?Nowadays , people's hot topics are high technology, fashion clothes, fancy lifestyle, lose weight and so on. They are seldom talking about poverty and hunger.What are poverty and hunger? Do they still exist? Where are they? Why are peoplehungry? How many hungry people in this world? How can we help them? Whatshould we do?Hunger is the sensation caused by not having enough food. It's the stomach painwhen you skip a meal, or eat later than usual. It's a gnawing sensation when toomany meals are missed; a body-consuming numbness after many days withoutfood. Prolonged hunger has damaging effects on health, growth, and chances forsurvival. This is more detail meaning of hunger. In our own words, hunger is lack offood and people who are hungry. The international Food Policy Research Institute saythat there is enough food for everyone in the world. The Food and AgricultureOrganization reports that 80%of hunger children live in countries that produce a foodsurplus. 800 million people (that's approximately 15% of he world population) getless then 2,000 calories a day. Why are so many people hungry?The problem with hunger that the main root is poverty. Poverty is a lack ofaccess to goods and services. Where are these hungry people come from? Most likely,we will think about the high poverty areas like India or South Africa. We have seenso many hungry people on the TV or newspaper. Especially women and children .Some of them become blind or die off because of lack of food. The greatest cause Ithink is lack of education. They don't know how to produce food, how to usesufficient knowledge to make food by themselves, how to make money? How to getrid of poverty? There are also have some other reasons, such as too many population,no birth...

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