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Awareness Regarding Sea Areas: Essay

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Awareness regarding sea areas:
The use of sea and its resources show the significant role in the country’s further development and its economic sector. Unfortunately, though Pakistan country has a huge access towards the sea but due the lack of education, and awareness about the exploitations of sea, Pakistan has not been as successful as she could have and get the full advantages from the sea and its resources. Sea sector in Pakistan is considered the main and important factor also it contributes in the economies and defense of Pakistan and in military power too. Open Access to the sea help country to do free trade without any obstacles and difficulties which also enhances the trade ...view middle of the document...

• Pakistan country is highly dependent on Karachi sea port for its import/export activities; it is not only contributing the big part but also the center of industrial activities. And also considered as central economic engine of Pakistan. Apart from this availability of many harbors give the full advantage to our country, and by investing some money/capital many sea ports can be established and will minimize the burden of Karachi.
• Sea is the heart of economy sector in Pakistan, which boosts the economy by means of import and export activities. But in spite of that we are not getting more benefits from the natural recourse i.e. is sea areas.

There are lots of reasons as socio economic and demographic on one side and on the other side lack of technology problems face by the country. Also insufficiency and less value is given to the sea sector by the government. In a book written by Admiral Alfred T Manahan American maritime thinker in his book said, the more importance of ‘’sea power’ in history has brought six things that make the sea in to sea power. And as per record Pakistan has got the more important and advantageous area that has all capability to become a powerful sea state. Due to the inefficiency and lack of efforts towards the sea development since 50 years has made Pakistan huge loss and disables the economy of Pakistan. The reasons are as under:
Lack of sea knowledge: during study in our schools and colleges, students have been given surplus knowledge of road transpiration, railways and about land recourses and its usage, but very few knowledge about the utilization of sea resources. And also give less concentration about the power and role that sea plays in prospering the country and its economy. That is the reason nation of our country remain unaware about the significance of sea, therefore people can’t see the long way benefits in real life from the sea and their approach only stuck for the land resources.
Financial obstacles: this problem is a bigger problem and perhaps that stops the government to expand its people as a maritime nation, and even people want to grow in this field, investment becomes huge problem for them. Pakistan looks towards the safety only of defense side while it does not contribute much investment on sea sides and revenue generating elements. For the construction of ports, harbors and...

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