Awareness Versus Ignorance Essay

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Throughout the history of mankind there have been numerous cases in which people were victims of oppression or hate. Among these cases the sole reasoning behind this oppression or hate being based on the perception of others. History has shown that society is responsible for labeling groups of people, generally these labels are misleading.
Children are common group of people who are generally mislabeled by society. In the short story “Charles’’ by Shirley Jackson and ‘’The Open Window” by Saki showed examples of the labeling of children. In “Charles” the concept of parents labeling their children as being pure and sincere was shown. As in “The Open Window” by Saki “used the notion that girls were the most truthful sex and gives her a name that suggests truthfulness to make her tale less suspect.”(Wilson 178). According to Welsh “Because the fantasy is so bizarre and inventive and totally unexpected from a fifteen-year-old girl, the reader is momentarily duped.”(03). This showed that even we as the readers were a victim of misleading labels of society.
As shown in the two short stories children are seen to be innocent and “precious” incapable of deception (Wilson 178). The two pieces of literature clearly invalidates that belief that children are incapable of deception. In “The Open Window” Vera showed deception when she lied to her aunt why Framton Nuttel had left the house by saying “He told me he had a horror of dogs. He was once hunted into a cemetery somewhere on the banks of the Ganges by a pack of pariah dogs, and had to spend the night in a newly dug grave with the creatures snarling and grinning and foaming just above him. Enough to make anyone lose their nerve.”(Saki 254). Likewise in “Charles” Laurie showed deception by lying to his parents about the behavior of a student in his class. Another label that is put on children that is discredited by these two short stories is that children are incapable of outsmarting adults. Vera displayed that children are capable of outsmarting adults in “The Open Window” by fooling Mr. Nuttel into believing her story. She “maliciously—dominates the feeble representative of adult life who crosses her path.”(Wilson 182). Similarly in “Charles” Laurie Out Smarted her parents by Creating a Charles (a fictional character made up by Laurie) to “protect him from parental wrath.”(Heller 02).
In both Short stories there is a clear weakness in the adults judgment by falling victim to these mislabels. In “Charles” the week adult being the mom and in “The Open Window” the week adult being Mr. Nuttel. The mom’s weakness in “Charles” being that she is blinded by her son’s story about Charles, that she doesn’t realize that Laurie’s behavior resembles that of Charles. The “mother tries to contain her fears. She responds heartily, for example when Laurie describes Charles refusal to do exercises,” (Bloom 22) this revealed the mother’s fear that her child might become influenced by Charles behavior. Laurie’s...

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