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Awarness Of Others Essay

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It is always interesting to take a glance into another individual’s life, especially when an individual differs greatly from yourself in one way or another. For my other-awareness paper, I decided to have my interview with my roommate Ryan Torresin, a Caucasian red-head Catholic (a double jeopardy in some ways, in that being he is both Canadian and red headed) in who is from Toronto, Canada. I chose Ryan because he is my roommate, plus being from another country creates for an interesting look into the perceptions and culture someone from another country possesses. Canada has a reputation for being overly friendly and passive, and what Ryan relayed to me through our interview shows this to be a relatively true stereotype, albeit exaggerated somewhat. Torresin shared with me his own unique cultural identity, values, and his perspectives.
Ryan Torresin grew up in the cold, and to my surprise diverse, city of Toronto. He told me how the town he lived in was populated with a wide range of races (blacks, whites, Asians), languages (French, English) and religions (Christian, Catholic, Jewish). Torresin was a very good athlete, and was involved in many large social settings like youth group, and because of this he was around people different from him, like the blacks, Jews, and the French Canadians. Whereas my cultural identity and values are based my Christian values, I also strongly value hard-work, determination and justice I have noticed in my town of Unionville a lack of community, togetherness, friendliness and love. In the town of Interboro, I noticed the same glaring lack for the most part, although there was a strong sense of community. The only time I really found these values was at church. After interviewing Torresin, it was shocking to hear how kind and loving they are to one another in Canada, not only the Christians and other religious groups. It was very stereotypical in many ways, that what he told me in that he told how Canada was filled with overly kind, helpful people. Torresin stresses how his family, his community, and he as well make it a point to help one another out. For example, at Tim Hortons (a coffee place), if there is someone...

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