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Away From The Glade Essay

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Think of the deepest of forests.
Think of a large mossy stone in the darkest of glades, a thin strain of light battles with the thick treetops of the deep forest and shines down right behind the large mossy stone. It is calm and quiet, distant sounds of owls echoed through the forest. Behind the large mossy stone, in the unnatural strain of light that pushed through the tree tops of the forest, there was my home. Deep in this forest, the deepest forest imaginable, under a rock. There lived my family and I.

Everyone who has ever been in to a deep forest have seen a hole, a hole behind a rock.
A goblin hole.
Behind this particular rock you’d find my home.
It wasn’t the deepest hole in the ...view middle of the document...

I never really understood why we made survival into such a big deal, you live and you die, ain’t that the point of life? During the last 200 years we have been attacked approximately five times and the three first times was one of our neighbor tribes for not helping them when their tribe got attacked by a fox. Once there was a bear that got lost in the forest, we attacked it first. The last time there was an invasion of flying ants that apparently classified as an attack because it made it into our large history book of previous attack’s. Tomorrow was the big survival contest, when tribes from all over the forest were invited to our glade for a competition in survival. It was the Explosive Academies in every tribe that met in a contest at the last day of school. It was my senior year, therefore I was supposed to be there. I was supposed to compete. I hated it.

I pressed the big button I have struggled so hard to get there just a few hours earlier, and the beam of light went out. The glade was now dark again. The only lights you could see were distant candles that lit up the entrance of every hole, every home. Somehow it also felt colder now. Yes, it was my strain of light. I had spent almost a month to perfect the shine, the radiation and the strength of the light. Even so I could still not get it to reach beyond the thick treetops. Yet. I would have to refine the light in my try to make it in to a mass, instead of separated particles, then it would have the power to crush the top of the trees when I hit the ON button. Then all I would have to do is climb on the thick light beam, up to the treetops and away from this paranoid little glade. I had a wish to get away from the overly defended glade I now called home. I longed for a life in the light, a life without fear for the unknown. I wanted to find out what was outside of these walls, and above the trees. Out there in the real world, out there were light came from the sky and not from the hands of the goblins, where the birds flew and where the smell of fresh air existed.

“What are you doing up this late?” came a voice from inside the hole. I turned around, still caught up in my own thoughts about the outside world. At least I had been able to hide my light beam-machine before she turned up. My sister. I had never really been close to my sister, she was the most paranoid goblin in a glade full of paranoid goblins and she hadn’t even turned 15 yet. She was always prepared with a stick of dynamite in her hand and another one in her pants pocket, located on her stomach. She always wore a pair of ripped dungarees with one of the straps always hanging down and bumping into everything around her. This was one of her most annoying features, especially now when it looked like she had been running. KLONK KLONK KLONK sounded the strap that bumped repeatedly into the old water barrel that she had turned up behind, that I also use to hide my machine...

“Why aren’t you in bed?” She asked and...

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